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It may feel like you found out you were pregnant yesterday, but hey, you have almost made it through the first trimester of pregnancy. So congratulations! You are about to enter the 10th-week pregnancy, which is the third month, so if you have not yet experienced those classic pregnancy symptoms, maybe now is the time.

But you need not worry about what will unfold this coming week because we have curated this detailed guide for you. This article will provide you with detailed insights into the 10 weeks pregnant baby size, symptoms, baby developments and much more so that you are prepared for what is going to come!

10-Week Pregnancy Guide: Symptoms

You are 10 weeks pregnant, marking the beginning of many body changes. There will be some common symptoms you will likely experience in the upcoming weeks. We have provided a quick list of these symptoms below for your ready reference:

1 ▪ Bloating

Your hormones continue to relax all your muscles, including the ones in your gastrointestinal tract. The relaxation of gastrointestinal tract muscles calls for more indigestion and intestinal gas. So the best way to reduce the effects of this symptom is to stay away from oily and fried food and keep track of foods that cause triggers.

2 ▪ Vaginal discharge

More blood is flowing into the pelvic area due to the pregnancy hormone estrogen. As a result, you will likely notice increased vaginal discharge as a thin-milky-white fluid. The release is harmless and nothing worrisome.

3 ▪ Food cravings

Yet another 10-week pregnancy symptom, which is classic, is experiencing food cravings or aversions. And it is okay to give in to your desires once in a while without worrying about your baby's nutritional needs, as your little one needs minuscule at this point. However, if your cravings seem to get out of hand, consider diverting your mind, such as reading a book, going for a walk, talking to a friend, etc.

4 ▪ Nausea

If you have not been experiencing nausea until now, maybe you will do so in your 10th-week pregnancy. Try to chew on some ginger candies or use acupressure bands to get relief from the nauseatic feeling.

5 ▪ Dizziness

Your body is still getting used to all the blood pumping, which may make you feel dizzy. So try to change your positions slowly and ensure to sit or lie down as soon as you feel light-headed.

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10-Week Pregnancy Guide: Baby Development

Your baby is officially entering the stage of being called a foetus from an embryo. So, if you are wondering what the 10 weeks pregnant baby size would be? Well, this section is to update you about all the developmental milestones your baby is going to touch in the 10th-week pregnancy-

1 ▪ Bone development

Your little one is taking the shape of a human; thus, their bones and cartilage are forming. Slight leg indentations develop into knees and ankles, and arms are complete with elbows ready to flex.

2 ▪ Tooth development

Your baby's little choppers are forming under their gums. However, their teeth would not break through until your baby is 6 months old.

3 ▪ Other systems development

Your baby's other systems are gradually developing, such as their stomach producing digestive juices, kidneys producing larger quantities of urine, and so on.

4 ▪ 10-week baby size

10 weeks pregnant baby size is not more significant than the size of a strawberry and weighs around 1.23 ounces.

10-Week Pregnancy Guide: Belly Changes

If you have not already looked yourself in the mirror off lately and examined your pregnancy body, then do it already! Your 10 weeks pregnant belly has a little rounder lower abdomen because your ever-growing uterus is now more significant than a grapefruit. You may not notice a baby bump yet. However, it depends on each woman's height, weight and build.

Moreover, you will likely notice some visible blue lines crossing your breasts and abdomen. These lines are veins carrying the increased blood supply needed to nourish your growing fetus.

10-Week Pregnancy Guide: Quick Tips

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet complex journey that causes many changes in your body. You must keep up with the pregnancy symptoms while running errands and chores. So to make your life a little easier, we have compiled 10-week pregnancy tips for your ready reference here:

1 ▪ Review your finances

You are 10 weeks pregnant and still have 6 more months to go before your welcome your little one. It is the perfect time to review your finances and prepare a new budget for when your baby arrives. Try to look up guides on family finances for new parents, life insurance policies, and so on.

2 ▪ Practice prenatal yoga

Practising yoga can help in stretching and strengthening muscles and helps you engage with the mind and spirit. Prenatal yoga is designed for expectant mothers to provide safe at-home exercises to induce labour and help in birthing.

3 ▪ Soothe your morning sickness

If at the 10 weeks of pregnancy, you are experiencing morning sickness, you must eat 5-6 small meals a day and eat cold food. You can also ask your doctor to provide safe medications for morning sickness.

4 ▪ Be careful of UTIs

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are common during pregnancy. So let your doctor know if you are experiencing pain while urinating or during sex or any discomfort in your pelvic region, simply a frequent urge to pee, or if you have cloudy and foul-smelling urine.

5 ▪ Think about diaper options for your little one

We know there is still a lot of time to stock up on baby care essentials. However, if you are driven by sustainability, you might consider using cloth diapers over disposable ones. Hence Freesize UNO diapers come in as your handy ick when you are stocking up!

Key Takeaways

We hope our article has been insightful and helps you easily sail through your 10th week of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey so remember to cherish every little milestone you and your baby achieve. We wish you all the love and luck for your parenthood journey.


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