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Childbirth & having a newborn baby in your arms is one of the more blessed feelings a mother gets to experience, whether you are a first-time mother or already have a child. But, at times, along with pregnancy & childbirth, you face specific issues that can make the experience a little less pleasant & manageable. Gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, postpartum depression, post-pregnancy incontinence or bladder control, etc., are some of the significant many pregnant women and new mothers face. In this article by SuperBottoms, we will discuss the issue of post-pregnancy incontinence, how to manage it, and how incontinence underwear for women can help you deal with these issues. Read on!

What Is Post-Pregnancy Incontinence?

Urine incontinence, bladder incontinence, or urine leakage is a condition that one in three new mothers can suffer from. They may experience the inability to hold their urine in or contain it when they sneeze, cough, or exercise. This can also be a result of stress sometimes. This condition is known as post-pregnancy incontinence.

What Causes Post-Pregnancy Incontinence?

As mentioned earlier, one in three women can suffer from incontinence. This is not always triggered by childbirth. Sometimes, other factors also lead to bladder incontinence in women. This section of the article talks about what can lead to post-pregnancy incontinence.

Physiological changes

A woman's pelvic floor muscles weaken, and the body undergoes many physiological changes post-delivery. These muscles control the urge to pee and stop urine leaking. But as these muscles are recovering and are still weak, many women can experience urine leakage for a few weeks or even months post-childbirth.


During and after childbirth, hormones such as relaxin and progesterone are imbalanced. Relaxin is responsible for relaxing the bladder and pelvic muscles to help with natural delivery. This might take time to get back to normal and thus can lead to urine incontinence in women. The hormone fluctuation can also lead to increased sensitivity in the bladder, thus leading to occasional urine leakage. incontinence period underwear is a savior in such a situation.

Other Factors

Sometimes, other factors like previous pregnancy, stress, old age, and medical conditions can also lead to bladder incontinence in women. If you are also experiencing it after a few weeks of childbirth, it is better to see a doctor and get it treated.

How To Deal with Post-Pregnancy Incontinence?

The key to dealing with post-pregnancy incontinence is mostly in lifestyle modifications and some self-care strategies. Here are a few ways you can get this issue under control.

1. Exercise & Work Out – By working on your pelvic floor muscles with exercises such as the Kegel exercise, you can reduce or, at times, even wholly eliminate incontinence. By contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles, you can strengthen them and get better bladder control.

2. Dietary Changes – Some foods can lead to more urinary outflow & urge to pee frequently. Limiting your intake of caffeine, alcohol and acidic foods & adding more fibre to your meals can help you control your bladder.

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3. Fluid Intake Management – Fluid intake and urine output are directly linked. Thus, managing the fluid intake, especially before you have to go out or have guests over, etc., can help you keep your bladder emptier and avoid accidental urine leakage episodes.

4. Timing Technique – Just like we do with our kids while potty training them, we can adopt the same timing technique for ourselves regarding urine incontinence. Before going out, reduce the water intake and empty your bladder before you step out. If there is a hygienic place outside, empty your bladder from time to time.

5. Weight Management – Excessive weight can put extra pressure on your bladder and worsen the situation. Thus, achieving a healthy weight can help the pressure ease off your bladder and result in fewer episodes of urine leakage.

Importance of Emotional Support

Know that you are not alone, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Like any other pregnancy-related medical condition, this is also a treatable and temporary condition. Talk to your family members and seek emotional support. There are also many parent discussions and support groups where you can find other mothers going through the same & seek support. Open communication will help you feel heard and understood.

Supportive Products for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence can be a challenging condition to manage, but supportive products can make a significant difference in improving quality of life. SuperBottoms bladder control underwear is a product designed to provide comfort, discretion, and protection for individuals experiencing urinary incontinence. These underwear feature a highly absorbent core that can hold up to 80 ml of liquid, preventing leaks and reducing the risk of embarrassment. The soft and breathable fabric ensures comfort and discretion, making them suitable for everyday wear. SuperBottoms bladder control underwear is also washable and reusable, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly option. With its innovative design and high-quality materials, SuperBottoms bladder leakage period underwear is an excellent choice for individuals seeking supportive products for managing urinary incontinence.

Bottom Line

Finally, post-pregnancy incontinence is a widespread problem that many new mothers experience. It can be controlled by altering one's lifestyle, including eating habits, exercise routines, fluid intake, sleep schedule, and scheduling methods. To manage incontinence difficulties, it is essential to seek emotional assistance from family, friends, and support groups. Supportive items like the bladder control underwear from SuperBottoms can also offer comfort, secrecy, and security. These washable, reusable underpants for treating urine incontinence have an absorbent core and breathable fabric. They are a practical and environmentally friendly option. These techniques can be combined with helpful goods to help new mothers regain control and enhance their general well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can exercising during pregnancy prevent post-pregnancy incontinence?
Ans – Yes. Apart from using Bladder Leakage Period Underwear, you can also do Kegel exercises suggested by a Yoga expert to strengthen the pelvic floor. They help with reducing and eventually eliminating the issue of post-pregnancy bladder incontinence.

How long does post-pregnancy incontinence usually last?
Ans – While this is a treatable condition, the duration depends on the severity of the situation and differs from person to person. While it might last only a few weeks, for some, it might take several months to get better.

When should I seek medical help?
Ans – If incontinence is accompanied by pain and discomfort, or if this issue is affecting your social life or quality of life, it is better to seek help from a doctor and get this treated in time.

Can washable incontinence pants help in this condition?
Ans – Good quality incontinence period underwear can help you lead an everyday social life and go out without worrying about urine leakage or spoiling your clothes. It can give you the much needed confidence to lead a regular life even when you are suffering from bladder incontinence.

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