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Diapers are non-negotiable when it comes to baby care. Diapers will play a massive part in their lives for the initial few years until your baby learns to get potty trained. Moreover, your little one will constantly need diaper changes for the first few months, so you must stock up on diapers well before your baby’s arrival.

As new parents, you must have already prepared a checklist and a budget of all the baby care essentials, and one of the things which did top the list would be diapers. Unfortunately, getting the best diapers for your baby burns a hole in your pocket. But what if we tell you that hacks to save money on diapers? Well, our experts have compiled this article with simple yet effective tips to help you save money on your waterproof diapers. So let’s get started!

Hacks to Save Money on Waterproof Diapers

Diapers are essential to child care and play a massive role in your baby’s life. However, a baby needs at least 6-12 diapers daily, especially in the early weeks after birth (1). This means you must stock up piles of disposable diapers that would go heavy on your pocket.

Switching to cloth diapers is an option. SuperBottoms UNO diapers are a range of reusable cloth diapers for budget-friendly and sustainable diapers. In addition, we have compiled a list of hacks to save money on your waterproof diapers.

1. Prepare a Diaper Budget -

Before going on a diaper spree, you must chalk out a budget for it. Unfortunately, the reason why most parents land up buying expensive waterproof diapers is that they need to draw up a diaper budget. So, while making those last-minute preparations before your baby’s arrival, you must take time to prepare a diaper budget to make an informed purchase.

2. Use Coupons and Buy on Sale-

This is the most evergreen way of saving money on waterproof diapers. Combining coupon codes and sale prices can save a bundle while stocking up on diapers. Many brands have referral coupons that help you save a chunk. For example, at SuperBottoms, we offer a 15% SUPER Discount to both the referee and referrer!

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3. Go Slow with Switching Diaper Sizes -

Always remember that the bigger the diapers, the fewer diapers per package. This means as you size up, the diapers get more and more expensive. Each diaper package typically comes with a suggested weight per size. However, for most brands, your baby can wear that diaper for longer than indicated on the package. So instead of going by the diaper sizing (2) suggested on the box, you can change the size once you observe a lot of leaks. Moreover, if you wish to switch to cloth diapers, SuperBottoms FreeSize UNO Diapers come with smartly placed adjustable snaps, allowing the diapers to fit your baby length-wise while expanding sideways.

4. Stockpile -

Whenever you see waterproof diapers on sale or at a low price, and if you have a handy budget, buy them if you do not need them immediately. The concept is known as stockpiling, which is simple, if you buy larger packages, especially during the sale season, you can save a considerable amount. However, ensure you do not overbuy a particular size while stockpiling, as your baby will grow in size.

5. Calculate Value Per Diaper Package -

To save on diapers, always look for the price per diaper or the unit price. You can simply divide the cost of the diaper package by the number of diapers inside to determine the cost per diaper. This is because sometimes, even the same-priced packages from different diaper brands can have varying quantities per package.

6. Host a Diaper Shower -

If you are becoming a mommy-to-be again, you can consider having a diaper shower like a baby shower. However, instead of presents, guests can give the host a massive basket of diapers, and you can never really have too many diapers!

7. Join Loyalty and Rewards Program -

Many diaper brands have loyalty programs whereby the purchase points can be traded for high-value coupons. You can even get access to other discounts and exclusive offers in their program.

Key Takeaways

Buying the best cloth diapers for your baby is essential to ensure they do not get any allergies or rashes. However, every best thing comes with a heavy price. But with a little planning and vigilance, you can save money while buying the best waterproof diapers for newborn babies. And we hope that our tips above have been informative and insightful!


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