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Choosing the right kind of diaper is one of the crucial decisions you have to make, well before the arrival of your baby. Diapers play a major role in your child’s life, especially in the first few years until they are potty trained. So it is important to choose a comfortable diaper that fulfils its most important function of keeping the baby dry, and clean. A cloth diaper is one of the most preferred choices for parents as they are sustainable, comfortable, and highly absorbent. But what makes newborn cloth diapers highly absorbent and leak-free?

Well, it's the cloth diaper inserts, that soak the liquid and boost the overall absorbency. However, if you are new to using cloth diapers (1), understanding the different types of inserts pads available in the market can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, we are here with an ultimate guide on the best diaper inserts. So give this a read and solve all your doubts!

Types of Cloth Diaper Inserts

Modernised reusable diapers typically come with a waterproof outerlayer, and an inner absorbent fabric to soak the liquid and keep your baby dry and comfortable. The inner absorbent is also known as cloth diaper inserts, which are available in different materials which define their type. Hence we have curated a list of them below -

1. Microfiber Diaper Inserts

Microfiber is a man-made absorbent material which is made of polyester/polyamide. They are light, and fast-drying. However, you must use a barrier, such as fleece liners, between the microfiber diaper insert and your baby’s skin, as microfiber can cry out and irritate sensitive skin. Microfiber is more like a sponge, so the moisture content may wring out if it is subjected to compression.

2. Cotton Diaper Inserts

Cotton is one of the oldest and most trusted fabrics used in cloth diapers. It is a natural fabric which is highly absorbent, affordable, and easily available. Fitted cloth diapers and some all-in-one newborn cloth diapers use cotton fabric, but a few other types use inserts made of woven fabric.

Newborn Cloth Diapers by Alia

3. Bamboo Cloth Diaper Inserts

Bamboo material is a popular option for baby cloth diapers. It is soft and absorbs moisture to keep the baby comfortable even when wet. However, bamboo is a synthetic material and not a natural fabric. If your baby is a moderate wetter, bamboo cloth diaper inserts are an ideal choice for you!

4. Hemp Cloth Diaper Inserts

Hemp inserts are durable and super absorbent. Although you won’t find any 100% hemp fabric, they are typically blended with cotton, which makes them more soft and comfortable. Hemp is usually a stiff material, so you may want to soften it up in a dryer. If you are looking for the best inserts pams made with a blend of cotton and hemp, look no further.

SuperBottoms UNO extras are the best inserts, with adjustable size, and are sure to last all night without disturbing your little one’s sleep! Our diaper inserts perfectly fit with our range of cloth diapers known as SuperBottoms UNO Diapers for toddlers and newborns. These come with adjustable snaps, so to perfectly fit every bum size!

Hence the hunt for the best cloth diaper inserts typically depends on the type of absorbent material, and the comfort and absorbency it provides. For instance, if you have a heavy wetter, a hemp cloth diaper insert works best, and for a moderate wetter, a bamboo cloth diaper insert is an ideal choice.

How to Care for Cloth Diaper Inserts?

Just before we end this article, here’s a little takeaway for you to care for your inserts pads. To ensure that your cloth diaper inserts do not lose their quality, and of course for hygiene reasons, you must regularly wash them. You can follow a regular washing routine to clean the inserts, however, choosing a chemical-free detergent that is not harsh is a must. SuperBottoms cloth diaper detergent is the first diaper detergent in India that is free from harsh chemicals, but yet removes the toughest stains with ease!

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The Bottom Line

We hope that our article has been helpful to you and solved all your questions on finding the best cloth diaper inserts. Make sure that you choose the type of diaper inserts based on the wetting tendency and the skin sensitivity of your baby towards the materials used.


Hola, New Moms and Dads! We at SuperBottoms ensure you have the best and safest products for your babies, no matter what corner of India or the world you are in. SuperBottoms is appropriate for your baby's sensitive skin throughout their Cloth Diapers journey, in any season, and also offers Padded Underwear for kids. If you reside in Canada, Kuwait, the United States, Qatar, Hawaii, Bahrain, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, or the Philippines, SuperBottoms is an essential product for you and your child.

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