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Congratulations on the birth of your little bundle of joy! Isn’t it ecstatic to hold your newborn for the first time? Well, it is a momentous occasion in every new parent's life as they begin their journey of parenthood. A journey filled with responsibilities and crucial decisions for and about your child.

The first few decisions you must make for your child involve chalking out a list of baby care essentials. And newborn diapers top the list of baby care essentials. On average, a newborn needs at least 6-12 diapers daily, at least for the first few weeks after birth. (1) Your baby will use close to 7000 diapers until they are potty trained. So using disposable diapers may not only be harmful to the environment but also not financially viable for you because these diapers are anything but cheap!

So switching to waterproof nappies or cloth diapers is an eco-friendly and budget-friendly decision. However, using reusable cloth diapers for the first time may seem daunting. Hence, our experts have compiled this ultimate guide on using cloth diapers for all first-time users!

UNO Cloth Diapers by Alia

So What are Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapers or reusable nappies are made of natural fibres, artificial materials, or a combination of both. The natural fibres they are made typically include; wool, bamboo, and unbleached hemp. Cloth diapers for babies are known to be safe and comfortable for the baby. But what makes cloth diapers baby-safe? Well, it's the materials that are used in making cloth diapers. So let's understand the same!

What are Ideal Cloth Diapers Made of?

Reusable diapers or waterproof nappies are made of outer and inner layers. An ideal cloth diaper’s outer layer is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), while the inner layer is micro-fleece fabric. Modern cloth diapers come in different shapes and patterns. An ideal cloth diaper is free from harmful chemicals like Phthalates and toxins.

But, Where do I Get the best Cloth Diapers From?

If you are looking for a brand that ticks the checklist of an ideal cloth diaper, as stated above, look no further! Our range of cloth diapers for newborns and toddlers by the name SuperBottoms UNO is a perfect choice. Superbottoms UNO comes in different shapes and patterns and comes with smartly placed adjustable snaps allowing the diapers to fit every bum size.

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However, when choosing an ideal cloth diaper brand for your baby, you would want to have no room for doubts. So to help you make an informed decision, we would like to mention that we are the 1st Indian cloth diaper brand to get the CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act of the US) for our products in 2018. It means our products have been tested for harmful chemicals like Phthalates and other toxins and has been certified safe for kids between 0-12 years old.

How to Use Cloth Diapers?

If you opt for cloth diapers with adjustable snaps and velcro closures, changing them becomes almost like disposable diapers. All you need to do is close the tabs before throwing them into SuperBottoms waterproof cloth bag and then wash them.

In addition, most one-size cloth diapers come with a snap-down rise, allowing you to adjust the diapers around the waistline and snap down the front to adjust the length of the diaper, depending on your baby’s build.

How to Wash Cloth Diapers?

Washing cloth diapers can be summed up in three easy steps as mentioned below -

Step 1 - Rinse soiled waterproof nappies immediately after removing them and placing them in the laundry bag.

Step 2 - Now pre-wash the rinsed nappy with our SuperBottoms cloth diaper detergent, available in the form of laundry sheets, which is free from chemicals and toxins and ensures effective cleaning of tough stains.

Step 3 - This final wash should be the most extended wash cycle, at least 2 hours. After that, you can use more detergent and possibly a laundry booster.

Benefits of Switching to Cloth Diapers

There are several benefits of choosing cloth diapers for your babies. Here are a few of them:

1. Budget-friendly
2. It helps prevent diaper rash
3. Provides comfort
4. Breathable
5. Gentle on skin

Key Takeaways

Switching to modernized cloth nappies has ample benefits besides being a financial boon for parents. And we hope our guide has helped you kickstart your journey of using reusable waterproof nappies for your baby!


Hola, New Moms and Dads! We at SuperBottoms ensure you have the best and safest products for your babies, no matter what corner of India or the world you are in. SuperBottoms is appropriate for your baby's sensitive skin throughout their Cloth Diapers journey, in any season, and also offers Padded Underwear for women. If you reside in Canada, Kuwait, the United States, Qatar, Hawaii, Bahrain, Armenia, the United Arab Emirates, or the Philippines, SuperBottoms is an essential product for you and your child.

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