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We all enjoy the winter season, but life becomes complicated when the temperatures drop below freezing. In addition, the drop in temperature that occurs with the arrival of the winter season makes newborn babies sensitive to infections such as the common cold, flu, and other viruses.

Newborn babies require special care, nutrition and attention during this period to avoid infections and promote optimal growth and development. Viral infections are more common in the winter and can be caused by various factors. Continue reading to learn how to care for a newborn baby in winter.

Why is Winter Care for Babies Important?

Newborn babies require complete care and support until they reach a point where they can sustain themselves on their own in a more self-sufficient manner. However, they need extra care during the winter season because a temperature drop stimulates various processes within the body to keep itself safe and the vital organs functioning properly.

The majority of the energy in your little one is then shifted from other areas to maintain the body temperature appropriately. This is where the body's immunity suffers as well. During the winter, microbes and viruses thrive and look for hosts to infect. When combined with lowered immunity, babies become an easy target for diseases, increasing their chances of becoming ill.

Symptoms of Winter Infections in Babies

Most winter infections have intense symptoms, making them easier to detect. You will notice the following symptoms in your baby if he has an infection:

1 • Your baby may have breathing difficulties; he may gasp or take tiny breaths.
2 • He might make sniffling noises while sleeping or after coughing.
3 • He may experience chest pain from inflamed lungs caused by a respiratory infection.
4 • He could have a runny nose, a fever, a cough, and a headache.

5 Winter Care Tips for Newborn Babies

Here's how to keep a baby's skin and overall health healthy during winter.

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1. Skin Care is a Must

How to care for baby skin in winter is a question that arises in the minds of many new parents out there. The harsh and cold weather can quickly dry out your baby's skin. In addition, natural moisturisers are challenging to maintain in the winter. As a result, you should use baby moisturisers, diaper rash creams, baby lotions, anti-rash creams, baby creams, and so on.

Along with these products, you should massage your babies to improve blood circulation and keep their skin healthy. Massage your baby with mustard oil or coconut oil.

2. Avoid Heavy Blankets

Covering your baby in a heavy blanket during the winter may seem like a good idea, but trust us when we say it is not. A heavy blanket will keep them warm, but it will also be uncomfortable, and they will struggle to move their arms and legs under it. Therefore, using a light blanket and keeping the room temperature as comfortable as possible is always recommended.

Consider purchasing blankets made of 100% mulmul cotton, such as the SuperBottoms baby blanket, a two-layered dohar style blanket that keeps the baby warm during the winter and light enough to be used in the summer. It is also skin friendly because all the dyes used in SuperBottoms products are AZO-free and safe for your baby's skin.

3. Feed Right Nutrition

Food gives babies the energy and nutrients they need to stay healthy during the winter. Breast milk is ideal for a baby as it contains all essential vitamins and minerals.

At around 6 months, infants are usually ready to start eating solid foods. Could you consult your doctor about the best time for your baby to begin? You can identify any foods that cause allergies in your baby if you introduce one new food at a time. Rash, diarrhea, or vomiting are examples of allergic reactions.

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4. Leg Warmers

With the freezing winters, keeping your toddlers' little feet warm with kids' wool socks is a must. Therefore, in addition to purchasing winter clothing for children, you should also consider purchasing cute leg warmers for toddlers. Leg warmers are a necessary baby accessory to keep their little feet warm even on the coldest winter days.

SuperBottom leg warmers are a perfect companion for active babies. These leg warmers contain a pair of warmers for babies and toddlers that are super soft and can be used as a leg or hand warmer.

5. Keeping Hygiene and Cleanliness

Keep your baby away from germs. You should avoid exposing your baby to other germs by playing with them outside. In addition, because a baby's skin is porous and prone to absorbing germs and bacteria, you must wash baby diapers regularly to keep them clean.

Consider cleaning the diaper area with mild wipes, as the skin around a baby's diaper area constantly absorbs moisture. This is why xtrahydrating wet wipes with ingredients like calendula oil are gentle on the skin and ideal for maintaining cleanliness while reducing skin irritation and pain when used on a baby.

Key Takeaways

1. Right Nutrition: Ensure you have enough diapers before leaving for your trip to avoid any problems later.
2. Wet Wipes Are a Must: Always keep a pack of baby wet wipes handy because you will need them at all times.
3. Clothing Selection: Clothing selection is critical for keeping children warm and protected from the effects of cold.

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