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Ideas for Daddy Baby Bonding Time


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We all have heard that a mother is born too when a child is born. But this stands true for fathers too. We do not get to hear many sagas of a father and his love; the focus is usually on the mother when a baby arrives. But dads play an essential role in raising the kids too. This article will help you understand how you can strengthen the bond with your child and how some activities and upcycled toys can help you bond using play as a method! Read on! 

Importance Of Bonding With Your Newborn

We might assume that bonding with a newborn baby is beneficial just for the grown-up because what will an infant who just wants to be picked, fed, cleaned, and put to sleep know and understand, correct? But in reality, spending time with infants and newborn babies and playing with them has many benefits for them as well. So here are the benefits of spending time and bonding with babies. 

  • Smiling and making eye contact with babies help them build confidence early on. 
  • Cooing, laughing or making baby noises helps your baby develop a sense of hearing & a sense of direction. 
  • Picking up a crying child helps them feel safe & secure. 
  • Pretend play helps your baby in developing communication skills at an early age. 
  • Singing songs and lullabies to babies makes them calmer and helps them sleep better. 
  • Soft toys and blankets, anything soft that they can touch, builds a sense of security in them; they experience less separation anxiety and help develop a sense of touch in babies. 

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5 Daddy Baby Bonding Activities 

So, here are the 5 best activities that can help fathers (or even mothers) bond with their infant and newborn children.

  1. Peek-A-Boo – Hiding behind the baby blanket or swaddle wrap and suddenly appearing in front of your baby, saying Peek-A-Boo is so much fun, right? But do you know there are so many developmental benefits to the simple peek-a-boo game?   This game helps your baby understand that objects and people exist even if you can not see them. If you take turns in making yourself disappear and then letting your baby do that, it also helps them develop a value of give and take, sharing, taking turns etc. And, of course, it is fun, and your baby laughs, giggles, and has so much fun! 
  1. Reading Story Books – As a parent introducing kids to your favourite childhood books and characters is a feel-good activity for parents as well. Modulating voices, doing actions, acting out the scenes, and being larger than life – this is all so much fun to do. But books also have many developmental benefits for your baby. Your baby learns to copy sounds, learn vocabulary, and improve language and communication skills while listening to stories. They also understand that the world is more significant than just the caregivers they see daily. They understand the concept of the animal world, shapes, colours, geography, etc., via books early on. Thus, books are a great way of bonding with your baby while passing on a lot of information and skills to them! 
  2. Pretend-Play With Soft Toys – Using puppets or soft toys as characters in your store can have added benefits for your babies. Using soft toys as props and the storytelling session helps your baby give the characters a face shape and figure, thus improving their imagination. Suppose the toys are sustainable and recycled, like SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys; they also help in teaching your kids the value of reducing plastic and waste, upcycling, and using sustainable things from a very early age. Thus, pretend play or soft toys can help you bond better with your newborn baby. 
  1. Taking Your Baby Out For A Stroll – Taking kids out for some sunlight during the winters of just fresh air in all seasons is excellent for their physical development. For babies, looking at the environment around them, some warm cuddles in the arms of their father, mother, or caregiver, and looking at people helps them develop their social skills, special and visual skills, and even communication skills if people come to interact with them. In addition, these regular walks and outings help fathers bond with their fathers outside of the monotonous daily routine. 
  2. Lullaby & A Sleep Schedule – Following a sleep schedule such as bedtime massage, a warm bath, and changing into comfortable sleepwear can also help your baby find comfort and security in the planned bedtime schedule. You can tuck them into the crib with their favorite upcycled toy and help them sleep peacefully and calmly. A loving touch from a mather, a sweet lullaby, dim lights, and a sleeping companion in the form of their favourite soft toy can ensure your baby bonds with you and has a good night’s sleep. 

We always say that the best gift you can give your child is the love and time you can spend with them. But why not accompany that with some activities, gifts, and props that can make that love and time together more fun and memorable for your baby, and they grow up with unforgettable memories and stories to tell to the world! Happy parenting! 

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