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Toys play an essential part in a baby's life. Don't we all remember the childhood toys we all loved to play with, flaunted and were so attached to? As parents, we try to recreate the childhood we had for our babies to give them a similar experience and comfort that we, too, felt. Introducing toys to them that remind us of our childhood is also a part of this process!

When we, the current generation of parents, were children, just like bumwear and diapers, even the toys were more sustainable. Plastic was not as popular and that big a problem for our earth. Back then, toys were usually made of wood or cloth, and parents were not worried about toxic poisoning or safety related to the playtime of their babies. SuerBottoms Upcycled Baby Toys are a humble effort towards giving the same plastic-free, safe and colourful childhood to the next generation of kids! This article will focus on how plush toys can help your babies and their development, why upcycled toys are better than plastic or mass-produced toys, and why upcycled toys are expensive. So, let's put our sustainability hat on and dive in!

What Are The Benefits Of Soft Toys For Babies?

We all love to collect soft toys and plush toys for us as well as for our kids. But did you know soft toys also have a lot of development benefits for your baby? Here are the top five reasons why soft and plush toys should be a part of every baby's childhood.

1. Gives Them Comfort – The most basic function of a soft toy such as SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys is to provide a sense of companionship, security an,d comfort to a baby. Holding a soft toy makes your baby feel comfortable. It helps them sleep better, and if they get up in the middle of their sleep, it also helps them to feel calm and go back to sleep on their own.

2. Aids Linguistic Development – Even when a baby is just a newborn, we as parents and caregivers tend to use soft toys as a conversation mechanism for kids and talk to them via their toys. This helps in language and vocabulary development in kids. Especially if the toys are character toys, they help in learning two-way conversation skills as well.

3. Helps In Developing Social Skills – Building on the previous point, soft toys and pretend play games using soft toys help babies understand how early socializing conversations and two-way communication works. This helps them develop social skills, too, apart from linguistic skills.

4. Has Educational Value – Soft toys can play a significant role in teaching kids names of shapes, colours, animals, characters etc. Thus, they also hold an educational value to them!

5. Develops Emotional Skills – Developing a bond with a toy might sound off to a grown-up. Still, bonding with their toys and finding comfort in a soft toy's familiar touch, texture, and smell helps babies develop emotional skills early on in life.

Why Are Upcycled Toys Expensive?

Upcycling anything is a time-consuming as well as expensive process. This stands true for upcycled handmade toys made from scraps and leftover material. Of course, mass procuring and mass producing are cheaper. But products that are handmade, upcycled, and that actually end up saving the landfills from waste are thoughtful, take a lot of time (and, of course, love) to create and thus are expensive!

SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys are made from leftover scraps after cutting the fabric to make your favorite sustainable baby bumwear and accessories. The process includes getting in touch with each vendor and collecting the scraps from each of them individually, sorting the pieces as per the shape and size, carefully cutting the usable parts to make toys out of them, and then hand-making each toy with care and love! This is why any upcycled product would be special, unique, and a bit more priced than the mass-produced ones. Get yours TODAY!

Why Are Upcycled Toys Better?

So, if upcycling takes extra time and effort, why take so much pain, you ask? Well, because:

    1. Sustainable is better than implausible.
    2. SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys help in sending 15% lesser waste to landfills.
    3. The unique character toys can be your baby's first SuperBuddy and help them develop many skills.
    4. You introduce life and a mindset of reducing plastic use to your baby from an early age.
    5. These toys are safe, have no sharp edges, no toxins, and no harm to your baby's skin.

Key Takeaways

1. Upcycled products can be a bit more expensive than mass-produced ones as they take time and extra effort.
2. SuperBottoms Upcycled Toys help in reducing waste by 15%.
3. These toys are safe for your babies with no sharp edges, made of 100% cotton and AZO-free dyes.

Note From SuperBottoms: SuperBottoms is a leading brand that offers a wide range of eco-friendly and reusable cloth diapers for babies and other products for babies and mothers. Our products are designed to be safe, comfortable, and affordable for parents while reducing waste and protecting the environment.

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