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The parenting journey is a series of milestones, each marked with joys and challenges. One pivotal moment in your child's development is transitioning from diapers to the potty. If you're wondering how to potty train a baby or how to potty train your child, you're in the right place. Whether you're about to start potty training your 1-year-old or your little one is a bit older, this guide will walk you through the ins and outs of this crucial phase. Say goodbye to diaper changes and hello to potty training pants – we've got you covered on your journey to successful potty training. In this article by SuperBottoms, let's begin on this adventure together, one step (or should we say "one small step") at a time.

How To Potty Train A Baby?

Potty training a baby is a significant milestone in their journey toward independence. While it might seem daunting, it's a process that can be approached with patience and understanding. When pondering how to potty train your child, especially if they're around 1 year old, remember that every child is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all approach. The key is to start when your child shows signs of readiness, like showing interest in the potty or discomfort with dirty diapers. Gather the necessary supplies, including baby training pants, and create a supportive environment where your little one can explore this new aspect of growing up. In the upcoming sections, we'll delve deeper into the potty training process, offering insights and tips to help you and your baby navigate this exciting journey together.

5-Step Guide For Preparing For Potty Training

1. Readiness: Before diving into potty training, gauge your child's readiness. Look for signs such as showing interest in the potty, staying dry for a longer time, or expressing discomfort with soiled diapers. Timing is crucial, and starting when your child is ready can make the process smoother.

2. Create a Potty Training Checklist: Develop a checklist that outlines essential steps and supplies. Include items like a child-sized potty or potty seat, plenty of training pants, wipes, and rewards for positive reinforcement. Having a checklist ensures you're well-prepared for each stage of the journey.

3. Gather Necessary Supplies: Stock up on potty training essentials, including potty training pants designed to make the transition from diapers easier. These pants are designed for accidents and are easier to pull up and down, giving your child more independence. Having the right supplies on hand can minimize stress during the process.

4. Establish a Positive Mindset: Potty training can be challenging, but maintaining a positive attitude is crucial. Approach it as a learning experience for both you and your child. Be patient and supportive, celebrating small victories along the way. Avoid pressure or frustration, as a positive mindset can significantly influence your child's confidence during potty training.

5. Create a Supportive Environment: Ensure your home is conducive to potty training. Set up the potty or seat conveniently and make it appealing with fun decorations or books. Establish a consistent routine, offering praise and encouragement for each successful attempt. A supportive environment helps your child feel safe and confident as they embark on this new development phase.

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3 Must-Have Baby Potty Training Essentials for a Seamless Transition

Beginning on the journey of baby potty training is a milestone worth celebrating, and having the right essentials can significantly ease the process. SuperBottoms understands the challenges parents face during this transition and offers a range of essential products tailored to make it smoother than ever. Let's delve into three of these must-have potty training essentials:

1. SuperBottoms Diaper Pants: Diaper Pants are a game-changer in potty training, meticulously designed with a focus on both your child's comfort and your convenience. Including a three-layer padding system ensures swift absorption of any accidents, ensuring your child stays dry and comfortable throughout their potty training journey.

With a customizable fit enabled by the drawstring feature, you can tailor the pants to your child's comfort, providing a secure and snug feel. Say goodbye to worries about slipping or discomfort during playtime. Crafted from breathable cotton material, these pants offer optimal comfort without restricting your child's movements, allowing them to move freely and comfortably.

Additionally, the semi-waterproof outer layer acts as a protective barrier, containing potential leaks and safeguarding your child's clothing and immediate surroundings. SuperBottoms Diaper Pants are the perfect transitional solution from diapers to regular underwear, simplifying the potty training process with their innovative design.

2. Padded Underwear: SuperBottoms Padded Underwear is an essential tool in your potty training arsenal, designed for optimal comfort and convenience during this transitional phase. These underwear feature a Super Dry Feel Layer to keep your child dry and comfortable throughout the day, just like the diaper pants. With triple-layer cotton padding, they swiftly absorb any accidents, preventing discomfort and mess. The soft elastics ensure a comfortable, mark-free fit, allowing your child to move freely. Additionally, a semi-waterproof TPU layer keeps leaks contained, offering peace of mind as your child learns to use the potty. In essence, SuperBottoms Padded Underwear provides the comfort and protection your child needs, making it an indispensable part of their potty training journey.

3. SuperBottoms XtraHydrating Wipes: XtraHydrating Wipes are an essential addition to your potty training essentials, prioritizing hygiene throughout the process. These wipes are alcohol-free and paraben-free, ensuring gentle care for your child's delicate skin preventing irritation and dryness. Dermatologically tested for safety, they are suitable for regular use on sensitive skin. Infused with 98% pure water and calendula oil, these wipes clean effectively and provide soothing care for your child's skin. While primarily designed for diaper changes, XtraHydrating Wipes prove versatile and can be used for various tasks such as makeup removal, toy cleaning, and more. These wipes are 3X thicker, softer, and offer 3.5X more moisture, guaranteeing thorough cleaning while maintaining incredible softness and moisture for maximum comfort for your child.


Potty training, whether for a baby or older child, is a significant step in their development journey. Starting as early as 1 year old, when readiness signs appear, can set the stage for success. Along the way, potty training pants and essential tools like those from SuperBottoms can make the process smoother. Stay patient, maintain a positive outlook, and celebrate every achievement, no matter how small. With these insights on how to start potty training 1 year old, you're ready to guide your child toward newfound independence in no time. Happy potty training!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When should I start potty training my child?

A1: Potty training can typically begin when your child shows signs of readiness, which can be as early as 18 months but often starts between 2 and 3 years old. Starting potty training at 1 year old is less common but can be considered if your child shows signs of readiness.

Q2. What are the signs that my child is ready for potty training?

A2: Look for signs such as staying dry for more extended time, showing interest in the potty, indicating discomfort with dirty diapers, and the ability to follow simple instructions.

Q3. How do I choose the right potty training pants?

A3: When selecting potty training pants, consider comfort, absorbency, and ease of use. SuperBottoms Diaper Pants are a great choice as they offer a snug fit, three-layer padding, and a semi-waterproof outer layer to contain leaks.

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