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Congratulations! If your baby is transitioning from diapers or padded underwear to baby underwear, you and your little ones are reaching a new milestone. And that's a huge thing! OR you are just wondering how to choose the right kids underwear. For whatever reasons you went out for, you have landed on the right blog!

Save it, screenshot your essential information or share it with all the parents looking for the answers, too, just like you. Before getting into the article, try to answer this question for the sake of your baby and your sanity -

Is your baby ready for an underwear transition?

Switching to regular underwear from diapers or kids undergarments such as padded underwear is not something that happens suddenly. Instead, it's a process that requires patience and a lot of encouragement from parents. Most parents recommend that big boys and girls start wearing underwear between the ages of 2 and 3 years after their potty training. But again, there is no right or wrong time. Every baby takes its own time to learn potty training with the help of padded underwear - a pull-up style disposable diaper.

So don't hurry to do something that will eventually happen in a few months or years. But if your baby can show the signs of - going towards the toilet, pulling their pants down, then you need to make some space in your kid's wardrobe. If your baby is still learning potty training, then you should check out SuperBottoms Padded Underwear. A potty trainer master that holds up to 1 pee and is made with 100% organic cotton pads. Know how Padded Underwear can help your kids make the diaper-free time mess-free!


You can find many types of baby innerwear in the market. Some of the prominent ones are - briefs, bloomers for girls and boxers for boys. But SuperBottoms has all the types of underwear mentioned above and unisex underwear in the store that is comfortable for both girls and boys. You can take your time and have a look at SuperSoft Underwear:


1. Look What Is Made From?

Your little one's skin is highly sensitive and needs utmost care. So always ensure the material of the underwear you choose should be comfortable and soft for your kids. You can find underwear made from cotton, modal or bamboo fabric etc. These fabrics are known to be super soft and are incredibly delicate on your kid's skin.

UNO Cloth Diapers by Alia

2. Too Tight Or Too Loose?

Remember, your kid is still learning to adapt to new things. They just finished potty training school and are now free from messy and wet diapers. Now they are big enough to try their new first layer of comfort.

Ensure that kids girls underwear is not too tight because that might create more friction between the skin and the fabric; hence, it's not safe for their delicate skin. They might also feel pain, and that's a big NO-NO. Many parents also misconception that loose underwear for their kids would allow more airflow.

While loose fitting is a must but not too loose, the fabric of the underwear itself should allow airflow or, in other words, be breathable. Too loose underwear can increase the risk of bacteria, creating a hindrance during the transition stage. Always refer to the measurement chart provided by the brand.

3. Can It Go Where Your Kids Go?

Going with the flow. Kids have an active routine. You can always find them doing something, jumping on the bed, scribbling on the walls, discovering new things or sometimes playing hide and seek and hiding in the most obvious places.

So their underwear should be stretchable and go with the flow. Or, to put it in simpler words - it should allow your kids to do all their activities without any hindrance or pain. If it's not going with the flow, then you know where else it's going.

4. Does It Absorb Sweat?

As mentioned above, kids do a lot of activities and may sweat a lot while doing so. So it's a must that your underwear should be able to absorb sweat efficiently, or else there's a high chance of accumulation of bacteria that might cause harm to your baby - especially during the summer season.

So remember: choose kids undergarments whose fabric is breathable and absorbs sweat quickly.

5. No Unwanted Guests, Please

Do you have such clothes that make you uncomfortable because of scratchy tags on the back? Or the unnecessary buttons that poke you when you bend? You get irritated, and so do your little ones. So before buying, have a look at the tags and see whether or not it scratches your skin. But remember, your kid's skin is much more delicate than yours - so be double careful.

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6. Colours and More Colours

"I am giving my kids all the comfort they need." Now, this is where most parents fall behind. While the underwear you selected for your kids might give them enough comfort, plain and single-colour underwear does not do enough!

Young kids like yours are experiencing many things for the first time. So it would be best if you introduced them to more vibrant colours so they can develop their creativity. Many kid's underwear brands already make their products in various bright prints. But if you ever come across plain or single-colour underwear - avoid it.

Now that brings us to the end of this article. Do you have enough information to start your underwear shopping? It would be best to keep all these pointers in mind while purchasing underwear for your kids. But if you feel like it's just too much, or you don't have that much time, why don't you check out SuperSoft Underwear by your own SuperBottoms.


Made from a unique blend of cotton and modal that makes it super soft

1. It's a master of sweat absorbent.
2. Breathable and stretchable fabric
3. Ensures airflow and keeps your kid super comfortable
4. Available in many vibrant, bright and colorful patterns
5. These prints are made from AZO-FREE dyes that are 100% safe on your little one's delicate skin
6. Does SuperSoft Underwear check all your boxes? (or even maybe check more boxes)

But if you're not sure about the product and still have questions, you can always connect to our #TeamOfMoms. They would love to help you out: contact SuperBottoms

Remember what we said at the beginning? The underwear transition journey needs a lot of patience. You may get it wrong the first time (especially in size), but with enough guidance and support, you and your big kids can successfully achieve this milestone together.

Key Takeaways

The transition from cloth diapers to SuperSoft Underwear might not happen in one day; it will take some transition phase. Do not settle for uncomfortable seams and material for your baby's underwear. When you have a choice in colors and prints, why settle for single-colored and plain underwear for your baby?

Message From SuperBottoms

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