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Why Choose Modal Fabric for Kids Undergarments?


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Popularly known as "Underwear Fabric" in the apparel and fashion industry, Modal has become a very popular fabric choice in recent years. It is also gaining popularity as it is a sustainable, eco-conscious, and durable fabric, apart from being super soft, stretchy, breathable and comfortable, and thus a great choice for kids and people with sensitive skin. It is typically regarded as a more environmentally friendly fabric than cotton since beech trees don't need as much water to develop, and as a result, the manufacturing process consumes 10–20 times less water. However, before we understand why Modal is a great choice, let us understand what Modal is.

What is Modal?

A plant-derived fabric made from the beech tree pulp, Modal is primarily used to create comfortable clothing such as underwear, loungewear, pyjamas, stoles, even bedsheets and light towels. In addition, it is considered a luxury textile material because it is super soft, durable, and is eco-friendly.

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Benefits of Modal fabric

Considered to be the most lightweight and soft fabric, Modal is easily washable and is also popular because of the following reasons -

1. Soft - It is incredibly soft to touch and thus a preferred choice for products such as underwear and bedsheets.
2. Stretchy - It is a stretchy fabric so it drapes really well around the body.
3. Breathable - The weave of Modal is super breathable, making it a great choice for kids' apparel and lounge and sportswear.
4. Absorbent - Modal is 50% more absorbent than cotton - which makes it more effective in absorbing sweat or water.
5. Biodegradable - It is completely biodegradable! A great relief for our environment.
6. Eco-friendly - Apart from the fabric being biodegradable, beech trees grow much faster and don’t need a lot of water to grow. So the growth and production of Modal requires 10 – 20 times lesser water as compared to other natural and eco-friendly fabrics such as cotton.
7. Durable - Its tight weave and long fibres lend it a strong personality and makes it the preferred choice for apparel which are used often. Modal lasts more washes than other durable and natural fabrics such as cotton.
8. Shrinkage - Compared to cotton or rayon, Modal is less likely to shrink or pull during washing.
9. Non-pilling - A luxury textile fabric, Modal resists pilling. As a result, it has a smooth finish and is ideal for everyday use.
10. Non-creasing - The Modal fabric resists wrinkles and stays smooth, making it a low maintenance material.
11. Easily washable - Modal may be tumble dried and washed in a washing machine. The washing instructions for a modal mix (which includes materials like cotton) might have different requirements. Know how to wash a reusable diaper.

Is Modal an ideal choice for Kids’ Underwear?

Modal is very popular when it comes to underwear. It is one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin. As kids need higher comfort and durability of fabric due to their active lifestyle, the super soft, absorbent, and stretchy Modal works brilliantly for them. But when it comes to kids' underwear, the market is still overflowing with cotton-based options. For these reasons, Modal can be a great replacement for cotton in terms of the touch and feel and care for the environment.

The fun and vibrant prints and colors can be fun for your kids too. Finally, they will have a choice over the boring plain and patterned cotton underwear - with SuperBottoms SuperSoft Underwear! We called it SuperSoft because it indeed is 2x softer! India’s softest kids’ underwear – SuperBottoms SuperSoft Underwear – is the first of its kind to be made from 60% Modal and 40% Cotton. This special blend makes it ultra-breathable and a sweat absorption master.

1 ▪ Goes with the Flow – The stretchy fabric moves with the kid without causing any hindrance!
2 ▪ Thoughtfully Designed – No irritation on account of scratchy labels or elastics touching the skin. Even the stitches are of a special interlocked design to be minimally intrusive!
3 ▪ It’s a no-tug, no-marks underwear – Thanks to the gentle, concealed elastics and super soft thread

The ideal companion to match the active lifestyle of kids. Of course, it comes in super fun and unisex prints made using Azo-free safe dyes that look cute on boys and girls alike.


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