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Baby Massage Oils: Tips, Use, Benefits


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Baby massage oils are specifically suitable for your baby's delicate skin because they are rich in nutrients. Using such oil to give your baby regular massage will keep their skin smooth, supple, and healthy. If you are a new parent confused about the need for massage, the right way to do it and the suitable oils to use, worry not. We're here to help you with the best oil for baby massage and your doubts about the best oil for baby massage for bones. 

Benefits Of Oil Massage For Your Baby

Massage is known to relieve sore muscles, improve sleep and pour love on your little angel. A good massage with the best oil for baby massage brings immeasurable joy to your little one. However, chemicals and strong perfumes used in some oils can cause rashes, irritation, redness, burning sensation, dryness, eruptions, papules, etc. Frequent massage, rightly done, can also help ease the colic pain(1). It is therefore essential to choose the best oil for baby massage for your little bundle of joy. You must also know the best massaging techniques to help your baby through issues such as colic massage, muscle ache, growth pains etc. Read the article Baby Massages – How And Why You Need To Do It for more information. 

Tips For Massaging Your Baby

  1. 1. The ideal time for applying oil for massage is right after a bath when your baby's skin is still moist. Ensure you use the best oil for baby massage as per the season and your baby's skin type. 
  2. 2. To warm up your hand and the oil, pour some in your palm and rub them together
  3. 3. To aid digestion, massage in a clockwise direction using a slow, rhythmic motion
  4. 4. Be gentle with your finger movements and careful not to press on the baby's spine. 
  5. 5. Most babies fall asleep after a massage, so keep a comfy bed prepared for a little nap

 Massage Oils For Normal Skin 

If you're unsure what oil to use on your baby or what type of skin your baby has, you should consult your paediatrician.

Besides, you should stick to products formulated for babies, as products made for adults are unsuitable for a baby's delicate skin. For example, food-grade oils are safe and the best oils for baby massage, but you should avoid oils with a strong fragrance. 

Sesame Oil

Obtained from sesame seeds, sesame oil is an edible vegetable rich in oleic and linoleic acid. It is highly recommended for messaging babies because of its antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-viral properties, which do not harm their sensitive skin. 

Infused with nourishing nutrients like Vitamins B complex, E, and D, and minerals like phosphorus and calcium, sesame oil is one of the most lubricating, healing oil for messages easily absorbed by their skin. 

Coconut Oil 

Coconut oil is a safe, natural oil and light on your baby's sensitive skin. It is one of the best oils to keep your little munchkin's skin hydrated and moisturized. Since coconut oil is super absorbent and is light on the skin, it allows greater breathability to your baby's skin and can be applied more than once a day. 

It is versatile and can be used all-the-year-round oil for massaging your baby. In Summers, it can be used without heating, whereas in winters, a small amount of heating will be required.  

Coconut oil is excellent for hair growth as well. A small amount of oil on your infant's hair every night will give them a beautiful texture as they grow. Coconut oil works well in treating diaper rashes as well. A small amount applied regularly will help minimize the rashes' redness, pain and intensity.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is one of the best oils to give your little bundle of joy a therapeutic massage. This oil not only nourishes the skin with minerals and essential vitamins. It also soothes tired muscles to put your baby to a relaxing sleep. 

Dermatologists often recommend sweet almond oil as it is not harmful even when consumed directly. In addition, sweet almond oil is loaded with moisturizing and emolliating properties to keep your baby's skin soft all-day and all-night long. 

Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is one of the most trusted baby oils since it has been used to massage babies for a long time. Daily massage with this oil has proven to improve blood circulation and keep their body warm. It is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, plus it's also got antifungal and antibacterial properties - a quality which helps ward off many skin infections in babies. In addition, its strong smell helps keep mosquitoes and other insects away from your baby. It is also the best oil for baby massage for bones

Massage Oils For Sensitive Skin

Your baby's skin is much softer and more sensitive than an adult's. Because of this, it requires extra care to keep it healthy and free from infection and rashes. You'll find many different types of massage oils in the market, but making sure they will be good for your baby requires a little more attention. Best oil for baby massage should be able to calm down the skin and not be adulterated with harmful chemicals. So let us look at some good oils you can use on your baby. 

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is a plant-based oil that helps actively nourish your baby's skin as it develops naturally. It contains high levels of linoleic acid, which keeps your baby's skin moisturized and replenishes the skin's protective layer. Just ensure the oil you use is free from any mineral additives or synthetic fragrances.

Chamomile Oil

​​Chamomile is a natural oil with natural soothing effects. It is especially beneficial for babies who have trouble sleeping and can also be used to treat insomnia in adults. 

Calendula Oil

This oil is suitable for both your baby and your hands! It is one of the best oil for baby massage for bones. In addition, using Calendula oil will add silky softness to your hands and an extra dose of moisturizing goodness to your baby's skin.

All of the oils mentioned above are great for massaging your little one. But if your baby has any skin condition, you must always seek your doctor's opinion before choosing the oil. 

Some Common Questions Parents Ask 

1. Can I use oil on my baby in hot and humid weather?
You can apply oil in hot and humid weather. However, ensure you give your baby a proper bath to remove sweat and dirt first.
2.Should I prefer edible or petroleum-based oils?

Organic and natural oils are the best oils for baby massage. You should avoid synthetic and petroleum-based oils. 


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