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Your baby is 11 months old and soon would graduate to a toddler. Have you already started planning for your baby’s first birthday celebration? After all, firsts are always unique, right? By the 11th month, your little one is all set to join you at the dinner table and is likely to be able to eat on their own. At this stage, you will notice that your baby’s hunger pangs have increased as they are super active, crawling, probably walking, playing, strolling, and so on. Hence it is essential to take care of the nutritional need, as it is one of the crucial factors that affect the growth and development of your child! In this article, we have provided a detailed 11-month baby food guide for your ready reference.

How Much Can 11-Months Old Baby Eat?

In the 11th month, most babies can eat a wide range of items such as fruits, vegetables, meat, etc. Ideally, your baby can eat three meals daily accompanied by a snack and breast milk or formula feed. The type and the quantity of each meal and snack depending on your little one’s daily routine and growth spurt. Typically 11-month baby food includes the following in varying amounts.

1 ▪ Cereal -Up to half a cup
2 ▪ Vegetables - Up to half a cup
3 ▪ Fruits - Up to half a cup
4 ▪ Dairy Products - Up to 3 tbsp
5 ▪ Mixed Cereals -Up to half a cup
6 ▪ Meat or other proteins - Up to 4 tbsp

List of 11-Month Baby Food

If you are wondering what kind of food to give to your 11-month-old baby, this list will solve all your doubts

1 ▪ Fruits
It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, and fruits like apples, oranges, bananas, etc., should be an integral part of your baby’s daily diet.

2 ▪ Cheese
Cheese is an excellent source of protein; you can include different types of cheese like cottage, cheddar, ricotta, and goat cheese, which will also enhance the taste of your baby’s meals.

3 ▪ Pulses and grains
Rich source of nutrients, make sure you alternatively include pulses and grains in your baby’s daily diet.

4 ▪ Dairy Products
Dairy products like yoghurt and curd are suitable for infants. However, do not feed your baby with cow’s milk, as that can be given only after 1 year.

5 ▪ Leafy Greens
Leafy green vegetables are a rich source of iron, especially spinach and fenugreek.

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Sample 11-Month Baby Food Chart

We curated a sample 11-month baby food chart with different items you can give your baby throughout the day. You can use the below food chart for your ready reference -

Day 1 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Ragi dosa
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Coconut water
3 ▪ Lunch: Curd rice
4 ▪ Evening: Orange segments
5 ▪ Dinner: Apple oats porridge

Day 2 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Ragi sheera
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Baked potato wedges
3 ▪ Lunch: Moong dal soup and roti
4 ▪ Evening: Banana fritters
5 ▪ Dinner: Spinach soup

Day 3 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Banana pancake
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Coconut water
3 ▪ Lunch: Vegetable poha
4 ▪ Evening: Beetroot halwa
5 ▪ Dinner: Barley porridge

Day 4 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Carrot and suji idli
2 ▪ Mid Morning: Fruit yoghurt
3 ▪ Lunch: Bottle gourd khichdi and pumpkin raita
4 ▪ Evening: Ragi laddu
5 ▪ Dinner: Dosa

Day 5 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Ragi porridge
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Stewed apple
3 ▪ Lunch: Sambhar and rice
4 ▪ Evening: Mashed fruits custard
5 ▪ Dinner: Yellow moong dal with roti

Day 6 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Rava upma
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Coconut water
3 ▪ Lunch: Vegetable khichdi
4 ▪ Evening: Mango yoghurt
5 ▪ Dinner: Potato balls

Day 7 - 11-Month Baby Food Plan

1 ▪ Breakfast: Dosa with paneer
2 ▪ Mid-Morning: Roasted apple sticks
3 ▪ Lunch: Curd rice
4 ▪ Evening: Ragi halwa
5 ▪ Dinner: Barley porridge

Easy 11-Month Baby Food Recipes

Here are some tasty and easy 11-month baby food recipes for your reference -

Semolina Halwa

What you Need:-

1 ▪ Semolina - ½ cup semolina
2 ▪ Water - 1 cup
3 ▪ Powdered cashews/almonds - ½ tsp
4 ▪ Ghee - ½ tsp
5 ▪ Date -1 pureed

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Method of Preparation

1 ▪ Warm the ghee in a pan
2 ▪ Roast the semolina until it gives a tasty aroma, and stir continuously to avoid burning
3 ▪ Add the water and date puree.
4 ▪ Stir continuously to prevent lumps
5 ▪ Add the powdered dry fruits.
6 ▪ Turn off the heat and serve it warm.

Spinach and Cottage Cheese Pasta

What you need:-

1 ▪ Pasta - 1 cup (penne or macaroni)
2 ▪ Spinach -1 bunch
3 ▪ Cottage cheese - 1 cup grated
4 ▪ Water as required
5 ▪ Salt to taste

Method of Preparation

1 ▪ Cook the pasta, and mash it lightly if you want.
2 ▪ Wash the spinach and boil it for a while.
3 ▪ Add the cottage cheese to the boiled spinach and cook for a few minutes until the raw smell disappears.
4 ▪ Cool the mixture and grind it to a smooth paste with water.
5 ▪ Add a pinch of salt if required.
6 ▪ Add the mixture to the pasta and serve it to your baby.

Key Takeaways

When introducing new solid foods to babies, ensure you do it in small quantities to ensure they are not allergic to them. We hope our article on the 11-month baby food chart has been insightful. Do not forget to bookmark this reference.

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