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Best Toys for your Newborn Baby in 2023


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Everyone says that once the baby is born, they are always busy drinking milk, sleeping, and pooping, and the cycle goes on for the first few months. But that's not entirely true. Babies start observing the environment around them, and development keeps on going. Parents should always help develop these babies' senses to help the child's overall development. Motor development is one of the critical developments in the baby's journey. Ideally, from the age of 1 month newborn baby toys should be introduced. It seems early, but it is essential for their development. There are various 1 month newborn baby toys available that can help their development, and they may enjoy playing with them.

Soothers As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys 

Soothers are one of the favourite toys among newborn babies for babies as well as for parents. This is because the baby keeps themselves busy when awake and while sleeping. Pacifiers are safe for your babies as long as their hygiene is maintained. Soothers should be washed after every use and should be sterilized daily. Soothers keep babies calm while crying. Just give the soother when the baby is crying and enjoy the silence. The hygiene of soothers is paramount as if not taken can lead to infection in babies. Soothers are one of the favourite 1 month newborn baby toys as babies love sucking. Soothers can also be offered to distract when feeding is not required. 

Sensory Toys As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys

Sensory toys are pretty exciting, and babies enjoy playing with them(1). Sensory toys respond when the baby touches them. They react in quirk, rattle, trill, or tweet when pressed or shaken. Young infants' learning rate is very rapid. These are among the most common in 1 month newborn baby toys list. Sensory toys engage babies for a longer time, and it helps in the development of their sense organs. Sensory toys engage a child with physical and cognitive development in stimulating many sensory organs such as sight, hearing, touch, and smell. Sensory toys also help in calming and discomfort of a cranky baby. They can easily get distracted with the help of sensory toys.

Musical Toys As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys 

While discussing the importance of sensory toys for infants, musical toys play an essential role in the overall development of a baby. We can include musical toys in 1 month newborn baby toys. As we all know, music helps the baby's overall development: social-emotional, intellectual, language, and motor. The mind and body work together when a newborn plays with musical toys. Introducing musical toys to infants also helps them recognise the sounds and meanings of the words. Musical toys help in distracting when the baby is in discomfort, and soothing music also helps the baby sleep.

Hand-held Toys As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys

As we know, an infant is tiny to hold toys and play but let him observe the toys; we can keep them closer to them. A newborn cannot observe things from far, so it's good to hold the toys near his vision. Approx. Fifteen inches far, he can watch the things clear. And as he is in the learning phase and observing things, we appreciate introducing him to colourful hand-held toys. Infants appreciate toys that have a face and enjoy watching them. Options that can be added within 1-month of newborn baby toys are rattles, stuff toys, dolls with different colour embroidery and textures, etc.

Portable Toys As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys

Portable toys are a blessing for infants as well as parents, especially while out for a doctor's visit or a family outing. Portable toys are great as they help stimulate the infant's various senses, whether visual, tactile, or auditory. They use less space than other toys, so that we can stock them with multiple options. When we are out, we need some engagements for the infant; at that time, portable toys are a blessing. They can be carried away easily with other infant stuff. Portable toys such as 1 month newborn baby toys can be rattle and teether toys. Squeaky toys as they make interesting sounds that engage the baby and stuffed toys.

Melody Gym Toys As 1 Month Newborn Baby Toys

One of the most engaging toys among infants is the melody gym. Melody gym is a must for us to list among 1 month newborn baby toys due to its popularity among parents. Melody gym comes with lovely colourful toys hanging over. When the baby is lying down or having a bottle of feed, he can enjoy it and not feel lonely. The concept is so beautiful that the newborn starts fascinated while watching the toys. You can leave the child alone for a few minutes in the gym while he is awake as the toys keep him engaged for a long. Few melody gyms come with soothing music also, which helps in sleeping. Melody gyms are considered one the best toys for a 1-month-old baby.

Other Toys For a 1-Month-Old Baby

As from the above discussion, toys are very much crucial for the overall development of the baby. Toys should be introduced according to their age; apart from the above list, many more toys can be included in 1 month newborn baby toys. Toys we choose for babies should be the ones they can easily reach for, hold or shake, toys that they can listen to, and toys they can look up and enjoy. There is an unending list, but a few other toys are mentioned below.

  • ▪ Piano gym
  • ▪ The beauty mirrors
  • ▪ The light cloth
  • ▪ The tummy wedges
  • ▪ The spiral activity toys
  • ▪ Rattles
  • ▪ Smart gym play

When choosing toys for a newborn, selecting toys that can help the baby's development is essential. We have to be simple and choose safe options that encourage exploration and open-ended play. The toys we choose should not have sharp edges, and nontoxic paints should be used; they should be shatterproof and easily cleaned because hygiene is a must for babies. Such choices will lead to significant developmental milestones during the first three months.


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