Dry Feel Langot for Baby by SuperBottoms

  • 3 Layers of 100% Cotton Padding

  • Semi-Waterproof & Holds Up To 1 Pee

  • Double Loops

A Must-have Diaper-Free Time Essential!

Happy Faces In Dry Feel Langot

Get rid of Mess due to Ordinary Langots! 

Bring home the comfort of the buttery soft Dry Feel Langot - India's 1st Langot with Padding!


Q1. What is SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot for New Born Baby?

A1. Want To Provide Diaper Free Time To Your Baby But are Afraid Of The Mess? That's When DryFeel Langot Comes To The Rescue. These Beauties Are Ideal For Diaper Free Times And Can Hold Up To 1 Pee Depending On The Wetting Pattern Of Each Baby. These Are Specially Designed For Newborn Babies And Infants Who Are Less Than 1 Year Old. 
DryFeel Langots Consist Of 3 Layers Of Cotton Padding With A Semi Waterproof Layer To Avoid Leaks. Gentle Elastics With Super DryFeel Layer Touching The Baby's Skin So They Don't Feel Any Wetness And Discomfort When They Pee In. It Has a Double Loop For 2 Sizing In One Langot To Get A Better Fit!

Q2. What is the difference between SuperBottoms UNO cloth diapers and SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot?

A2. -SuperBottoms UNO is a fully waterproof cloth diaper that stays dry and lasts all night* 
-SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot, on the other hand, is a langot for babies with padding, stays dry, is only semi-waterproof, and can absorb up to 1 pee. 
-SuperBottoms UNO cloth diaper is ideal for diapering time and is freesize (the same diaper can be used from 3m-3yrs) 
-SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot for new born baby, on the other hand, is ideal for diaper-free time and comes in 2 sizes, S and L.

Q3. What is the material of DryFeel Langots?

A3. Made with a lot of love, these are crafted with cotton, gentle elastics, semi waterproof TPU layer on crotch and Super DryFeel layer made of fleece on top to ensure that baby stays dry even after peeing.

Q4. Can the DryFeel Langot be used for nap times?

A4. How we wish! Albeit mess-free, Dry Feel Nappy cannot be used for nap times as it is not waterproof. So, for comfortable nap time diapering, try our Newborn UNO, which lasts for multiple pees and has a waterproof, dry feel.