Tips on Sleeping Positions in Pregnancy


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A good night’s sleep is always important. Now that you are expecting a baby, your body is doing the extra work of growing a baby inside it. Thus, proper sleep is all the more important for you. This article will help you understand sleep positions during pregnancy and also help you answer your questions such as

  • Is it safe if I am sleeping on back while pregnant?
  • Is there any sleeping position that can cause miscarriage?
  • Are there any wrong sleeping positions during pregnancy? 

And many such concerns and doubts you might have. So sit back, and read on! 

Sleeping positions in pregnancy

Let us look at all the sleeping positions in which one would typically sleep and see whether they should be preferred or avoided during pregnancy. 

  • Sleeping on your stomach during pregnancy – Although your tummy might not start to show till the second trimester, it is not one of the most comfortable or advised pregnancy sleeping positions to sleep on your stomach. Your breast will be tender, and the growing belly will make it very uncomfortable for you to sleep peacefully after a few weeks. Many expecting moms who are used to sleeping on their stomachs get a doughnut-shaped pillow and can still comfortably sleep on their tummies for a few extra weeks. 
  • Sleeping on your back during pregnancy – Doctors and experts advise against sleeping on the back as it is not a safe sleeping position during pregnancy. In addition, while lying on back during pregnancy, the growing uterus can put pressure on the lungs and other organs. This makes it difficult for you to breathe, making you feel dizzy and nauseous, giving you severe backaches, and obstructing proper blood flow to the baby. 
  • Sleeping on your left or right side during pregnancy – Sleeping on the sides is considered the best sleeping position for a pregnant woman. It might not be a big concern about your sleeping position during pregnancy first 3 months, but experts advise sleeping on the sides, especially on the left side, as it is ideal for your baby. This position allows maximum blood flow and nutrients to the placenta. 

If sleeping on your sides does not come naturally to you, here is how you can make sleeping on the sides work for you through different trimesters of pregnancy.  

Sleeping in first trimester

Early on, it does not matter which sleeping position during the first trimester you adopt. But eventually, it will be better for you and your baby if you start sleeping on your side, especially on your left side; thus, early practice can help you. Sleeping on your sides with a pillow between your legs can give you practice and prepare you for side sleeping in the coming months. 

Sleeping in second trimester

Your natural sleeping position in the second trimester should be on your sides, as your belly has already started to show, and sleeping on your back will start becoming uncomfortable. Invest in a good pregnancy pillow at this stage. A pregnancy pillow can give your body the required shape and support while lying or sleeping on your sides and help reduce backaches by maintaining a good spine position. 

Sleeping in third trimester

During the last few weeks, changing position during sleep in pregnancy can be a big challenge due to the belly weight. Thus third trimester pregnancy sleeping positions will be limited to either sleeping on the sides or even just sitting with your back and feet rested and sleeping like that, especially if you are carrying twins or multiples. 

Continue using a pregnancy pillow till your labour day. You can also try elevating your bed a little from the head side for a more comfortable sleep. 

Tips on comfortable pregnancy sleeping positions

  • Reduce Caffeine Intake – Caffeine is not just harmful to you and your baby during pregnancy, but it also disrupts your sleep and can give you sleepless nights. 
  • Get A Lot Of Pillows – During the final weeks of your pregnancy, even lying down can be uncomfortable and painful. So deck your bed up with many pillows and make a comfortable sitting and sleeping space for you. 
  • Limit Water Intake During Bedtime – Getting up to pee again and again at nighttime can be irritating and uncomfortable. Limit your water intake and empty your bladder before sleeping. 
  • Exercise, Yoga & Meditate – Yoga and safe exercises during pregnancy can help you relax a bit. In addition, meditation before bedtime can help you have a better sleep. 

As much as comfortable sleeping positions during pregnancy are important, it is also vital to relax, let go of the stress and take frequent breaks and rest during pregnancy. A healthy, well-rested body is better prepared for childbirth and the phase after childbirth that might change your sleep schedules as per your baby’s schedule. So, rest up, sleep well, and have a happy and comfortable pregnancy!


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