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Just like birds start to prepare their nest before laying eggs, Do we humans also prepare the shelter for our coming same, like birds? What is nesting in pregnancy? How does the tendency to nest affect you during pregnancy? In some cases, the desire to nest during pregnancy is extreme. This can be considered the oldest trend since the birth of living beings on this earth, which tells that the mother's body is ready for the birth of an infant. Due to the tendency of the mother to keep her children safe in this world, she keeps on preparing her house and other things. This is called nesting or making the shelter. Birds also do the same thing.

What is the Definition of Nesting in Pregnancy

The definition of nesting in pregnancy is, during the last few weeks of pregnancy, a woman feels a burst of energy that inspires the woman to organize everything in the house before the baby's arrival.

When Does Nesting Start In Pregnancy?

If you are confused about the nesting period, here is the answer: nesting in pregnancy typically starts at the end of the third trimester, around 38-39 weeks of pregnancy or a few weeks before the due date (1). The increased adrenaline running through your body at this point of your pregnancy may contribute to this final frenzy, but the emotional factor is also as strong as this.

Safe things to do during nesting in pregnancy

Just stay normal when this nesting instinct hits you during pregnancy. Don't lift the items which are too heavy, and don't climb or overreach. At this point in time, avoid standing on a ladder to clean up the bathroom ceiling. Avoid toxic cleaners, but if you are using mild ones, open the windows of your room and wear gloves to avoid getting in direct contact with them.

Also, remember to frequently take a few snacks and breaks during nesting during pregnancy. You should not overdo it when you reach close to the period of labor and delivery. You should save up some amount of extra energy. Here is a checklist of what you should check when you are at the end of nesting in the pregnancy phase.

1. Restock Your Fridge

When you are preparing for birth, throw out all the outdated items and go shopping for fresh ones. Buy some key essentials which will be required once the baby has arrived - milk, yoghurt, cheese, fruits, and vegetables.

2. Load your laundry

Do you feel like washing the towel? If yes, then go ahead. While doing this, toss in the pillow covers, guest bedroom sheets and anything else that doesn't get washed regularly. Now once the baby has arrived, you and your washers will have to work hard enough to keep up with these spit-up stains.

3. Outfit yourself

Buy nursing bras, nursing breast pads, and nursing shirts because it will help you when you are breastfeeding your child. And store up a couple of things also, like soft, breathable, oversized underwear. Do you want to know why? Because you will need these things extra big and comfy for the first few weeks after the birth of your baby. Because it is possible that by the blood, they might become stained and not wash away.

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4. Be Prepared

The baby needs many other things along with cloth. Like cloth diapers, and diaper rash ointment. Also, buy some nail clippers, baby soaps, cotton pads, and plenty of super absorbent maxi pads.

5. Deep Clean Your House

Now cleaning the house is one of the essential tasks before the arrival of your baby in the place. Your home must be very clean and out of the dirt. Now when your nesting instinct is strong, you may enjoy this cleaning session. Wipe down all the windowsills. Do the dusting of the photo frames before the photos of the baby explosion make the dusting more daunting. But don't do it hard; just go easy and don't use a ladder; take the help of someone.

6. Things To Shop Before Delivery

Here we hope you have got the idea of do's and don't things during nesting in pregnancy, but there are also some other things you should not forget, which we will discuss in this section. Before the arrival of the baby, there are some very important items that you should buy for the baby, like nappies, newborn UNO diapers, and jhabla. For the safety and comfort of the baby, don't buy any nappies, newborn UNO, jhabla.

Buy good quality of these items; you can buy them from your nearby stores, but in this condition, you should not go outside, so to ease your task, we suggest you newborn UNO. The reason for suggesting it to you is that it is washable and reusable 300+ times, eco-friendly, it has a super free dry layer which will dry the baby's nappies from the inside and will not let the baby suffer from the rashes.

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Key Takeaways of Nesting In Pregnancy

In this article, we tried to give you the answer to what is nesting. Nesting during pregnancy is a natural instinct that is experienced by many pregnant women in the phase of the last trimester. This period covers several activities, and changes in behavior, the most common is creating a safe, welcoming, and clean environment for the baby.


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