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Experiment and Co-create Modal Dry Pads!

We are pleased to introduce a new eco-friendly product - Modal Dry Pads to evaluate the benefits of preserving the ecosystem along with the new features of breathability and high absorbency in soakers that certified fabrics made of TENCEL™ Modal fiber brings with it.

What is TENCEL™ Modal and how is it made?

TENCEL™ Modal is an environment-friendly fabric with some similarities to bamboo since it is made from beech tree pulp. It has an awesome, silky feel and it wears well while maintaining its softness over the time after a lot of use, which makes it an eco-conscious and durable option. It is also a highly absorbent fabric, holding up to 50% more water than a comparable amount of cotton. TENCEL™ Modal is wear resistant and can be machine washed and spin dried. It performs much like cotton and can be mercerized for increased strength and luster.

Few attributes and benefits of TENCEL™ Modal fabric:

1. Environment-friendly.
2. Biodegradable.
3. Highly absorbent.
4. Very lightweight.
5. Ultra-soft.
6. Botanic Origins.
7. Long lasting colour.

Our slow shift towards TENCEL™ Modal is a very thoughtful process as we’re looking towards more sustainable and closed-loop processes for the betterment of our planet’s future. Overall, the industry produces close to 100 million tons of fibres every year. And the figures are growing. This is not without negative effects on the environment and fortunately, more and more consumers are aware of this ecological strain.

Hence, the demand for sustainable textile and non-woven products is rising. We dedicate our innovative spirit and excellence to solutions that make best possible use of the materials we use and preserve our planet’s resources. Join us in this expedition and let’s explore the beauties and limitations that TENCEL™ Modal fabric has to offer, together. Reach out to us via Bummy’s Lab and let us know your thoughts and experiences!

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How do you join the Bummy’s Lab? Simply purchase directly from Bummy's Lab, try the products on your li'l ones and share an honest feedback about the functionality of the product that will not only help us, but also help many, many other new parents and their babies who plan to use them. Just try these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Take the quiz.

Step 2: Try the product.

Step 3: Give feedback and get a Co-creator badge.

About the Co-creator Badge

Ever wanted to change the world? Well, this is your chance. Get your name next to an innovative product that will keep the babies and the planet safe and sound. Be the change you always desired to be! And get rewarded with an e-certificate too! Win-win!! The super confidential and classified zone of Bummy’s Lab lets you buy the latest products at a discounted price to review and once the product is finalized after all test runs and inputs, you get to have your hands on them before any else! Yes, you’ll get a sneak peek before the product launch, exciting isn’t it?

All you cloth diapering pros, join us in Bummy’s Lab! Even if we don't incorporate all the feedback, you’ll definitely get a Co-creator badge! So what are you waiting for? Join Bummy’s Lab if you’ve used SuperBottoms products! This is going to be a fun ride, pinky promise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is Bummy’s Lab?

Ans. Bummy's Lab is an initiative by SuperBottoms to acknowledge and let our customers play a crucial role in the making of our gentle products made with 100% love. We have always got unrelenting support from our customers, some of whom are now team members and have tried SuperBottoms on their babies first to share their feedback and make the products what they are today.

Q2. What is expected of me?

Ans. We just need some time off your busy schedule to help us ensure that the epitome of perfection touch our babies in the form of SuperBottoms products and we leave no stone unturned in doing so. Purchase directly from Bummy's Lab, try the products on your li'l ones and share an honest feedback about the functionality of the product that will not only help us, but also help many, many other new parents and their babies who plan to use them.

Q3. How will I be sharing feedback?

Ans. It's very simple! Just fill the google form we provide you on your Bummy's Lab purchase and we will arrange a video/audio call per your preference to discuss the possibilities of the product at length.

Q4. Is the experimental product safe for my baby?

Ans. As we always promise, our products are 100% safe, hygienic, certified and baby-friendly. We carefully design each product keeping our babies in mind and are hosting Bummy's Lab to try the performance on different babies to get the best and desired results for all. Your baby and your safety + comfort is our utmost priority and we would never go back on it. Please be assured that all products that reach you will undergo thorough testing and protocols to ensure what you receive is the best for your baby.

Oh, worry not! we understand your dilemma and in case the product you receive doesn't work at all for you, we'll discuss it with you and take it back if required within 30 days. Want to request a return? Fill this form here

Key Takeaways

1. Preserving Ecosystem: Modal Dry Pads provide environmental benefits as well as new features such as breathability and high absorbency in soakers.

2. Holds up 50% More Water: Because it is created from beech wood pulp, it is an environmentally friendly fabric with some resemblance to bamboo. It is also a very absorbent fabric, capable of holding up to 50% more water than similar cotton.

3. Wear Resistant: Modal is a durable fabric that can be machine washed and sspun-dried.


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