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Each of us has this inherent urge to do something good for the environment, and of course, as parents, we want to do only what is best for our baby. But sometimes, the budget situation stops us from making the right choices. Well, we will ensure that, at least when it comes to cloth diapers, we will not let you make a wrong or harmful decision for your baby and the environment.

Have all the cheap newborn cloth diapers you tried either leaked or created a mess for you to clean up? Have you been wondering about shifting to cloth diapers but need help determining where to begin? If you're looking to shift to cloth diapering and wish to try an economic one, well, GOOD NEWS! You have landed on the right page. Read about our basic cloth diapers - BASIC by SuperBottoms – the answer to all your questions about economic cloth diapering doubts and concerns.


BASIC for Baby is a brand by Superbottoms to expand its endeavour to take cloth diapering to more and more parents in India.

Often we see that, in the beginning, parents are wary of investing in organic cotton cloth diapers. And, they try to start with economic and invariably lower quality or diapers not made very thoughtfully due to their price. But unfortunately, these cheap diapers leak easily and create a mess. They start to tear off, or the snaps begin to come off after a few washes, the diaper starts to lose its shape, and then you start having fit issues.

These issues discourage them from cloth diapering, and they end up trying products that may not be tested and certified safe.

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What Is BASIC for Baby

Basic, as the name suggests, is a basic cloth diaper that lasts 2+ hours, comes with terry/microfiber pads and is thus economically priced. An economical & eco-friendly day diaper brought to you by Navashya Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd., which also has India's no.1 reusable cloth diaper brand - SuperBottoms, under their umbrella. You can expect the product's thoughtful features, support, and safety. BASIC for Baby is a very economical range in diapers for those hesitant to try cloth diapers.

Washable up to 250+ times, BASICS by SuperBottoms day diapers are easy to clean, waterproof with SuperDryFeel™  & last 2+ hours. If your babies are between 3 months to 3 years, our cutting-edge BASIC day diapers are leak-proof to keep the wetness locked away & promise a super-soft snug fit to keep them happy!

Apart from cloth diapers, Basic by SuperBottoms is also your one-stop solution for other affordable diapering needs such as:

Is BASIC For Baby Better Than Disposable Diapers?

Basic by SuperBottoms is, although an economical version of their flagship product UNO, considering SuperBottoms BASIC vs UNO, they both are any day better than disposable diapers.

  • Basic is made of cloth, unlike disposable diapers that take more than four hundred years to break down and decompose; the cloth is biodegradable.
  • If you decide to go ahead with disposable diapers, you will need around three thousand disposable diapers in the first year. This will amount to almost thirty thousand rupees of expense on diapers. With Basic, you need a maximum of sixteen to twenty reusable cloth diapers, and you are set for your baby's whole cloth diapering journey.
  • Disposable diapers are loaded with harmful chemicals and toxins such as phthalates. These can lead to long-term health complications for your child. BASIC by SuperBottoms, on the other hand, is made of cloth and is gentle on the skin.
  • Disposable diapers can lead to rashes and irritation on the skin. Cloth diapers are skin friendly and do not lead to nasty and painful rashes. No more experiments with cheap/low-quality cloth diapers - Switch to BASIC. Fly away with the most economical, comfortable & reusable cloth diapers in India that come in happy prints for your happy babies. BASIC for baby - a match truly made in heaven!!! Now exclusively available on www.basicforbaby.com for easy orders & no confusion while shopping for economical cloth diapers!
  • For the best experience and quality, choose from our premium range of diapers only- Superbottoms soft covers and Superbottoms Plus UNO. While both UNO diapers and BASIC are great quality products, BASIC is more economical and is an ideal choice for someone who wants to start the cloth diapering journey for the first time and wants to buy a trial product before they go ahead and invest in UNO for their baby.(1)

Here is what one of our happy customers has been saying about Basic!

"Mommies, I tried the BASIC range of diapers for my baby, and I must say that I am surprised with the quality. It's a superb product and has absolute value for money. I chose the 'Airplane' print. It's super cute and durable! Thank you, BASIC, for a new addition to my stash." – Paulami Bandopadhyay.

No looking back now. ORDER AWAY!


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