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Swaddling is an ancient practice of wrapping a newborn baby in a thin, and breathable cloth. It is adorable to see babies snuggled in like a sweet burrito. But swaddling serves the all-important purpose of keeping your baby calm and sleep soundly (1). It mimics the enviornment of your womb, and likewise provides the warmt and security to your baby. Parents who have swaddled their baby, vouch for this technique to keep their babies calm and comfortable.

Hence, having a swaddle is a must-have newborn essentials to invest in. Typicaly a swaddle is a fabric/cloth which is used to wrap the baby around. Hence it is really important to choose the best swaddle for your little one. In this guide we will talk about the different types of swaddles, the different materials they are made of, how to choose an ideal swaddle and more!

Basics About Swaddling

Before with discuss the different types of swaddle, lets get our basics clear.

What is Swaddling?

Swaddle Wrap is a thin, breathable fabric which is used to wrap up your newborn in order to restrict their movement, especially of the arms. Swaddling helps to reduce or prevent the startle reflex, so that your baby does not wake themselves up during their sleeping periods.(2) This technique creates a womb like environment for the newborn invoking a sense of security in the baby.

When Can a Swaddle be Used?

You can use a swaddle at night, during naps, or anytime when your baby feels agitated or needs to be calmed down. Your baby is likely to outgrow their swaddles around 3-4 months from birth, whe they start to move around, and roll over. At this point, you can consider transitioning to a sleep sack, where the arms can be free, but the leg movements can still be limited to ensure safety.

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Benefits of Swaddling Newborn Babies

The following are the potential benefits of swaddling newborn babies -

  • Promotes longer duration of uninterrupted sleeps longer stretches of sleep.
  • Soothes a crying baby
  • Invokes a sense of calmness in baby
  • Eliminates the need of loose blankets, thereby ensuring safety
  • Reduces the risk of SIDS
  • Helps maintain the position of your baby sleeping on their back
  • Prevents baby from scratching their faces during the startle reflexes

Different Types of Swaddles

Before buying swaddles you need to know the different types available in the market. We have listed three major types of swaddles for you below -

Traditional blanket swaddles -

These swaddles are large, soft, and stretchy pieces of fabric, which are used to wrap your little one. They are not size specific, so you do not have to worry about your baby outgrowing it. Traditional blanket swaddles come in fun prints, and different material such as cotton, muslin, and bamboo. SuperBottoms mulmul swaddles come in fun prints, and are made of 100% mulmul cotton, and can be used for multiple purposes, such as blankets, burp cloth, and more!

Sleepsack Swaddles -

These type of swaddles provide the same comforting benefits like the traditional ones, just that sleepsacks are more user-friendly . You do not have to master the art of folding, and wrapping or tucking the loose pieces of the blanket. These sacks are pre-folded, and make swaddling ao mush quicker, easier, and convenient. Sleepsack swaddles come with features like zippers, velcros, or adjustable snaps.

There are many different types of sleepsack swaddles, but if you want to go for something made of natural materials, we have got you covered. Superbottoms dryfeel swaddle wrap is made of 100% organic cotton, and comes with a dry feel layer, to soak baby’s pee, and keep them dry.

Swaddle Pods

Swaddle pods are the easiest type of swaddle to use, and they come in pouches that you need to put your newborn into, and simply zip up! There are many different styles of swaddle pods available, and you can try several of them to see what works the best for you!

Traditional Swaddle or Sleepsacks - What’s Better?

A lot of you may get confused as to what could be an idea choice for your little one - traditional swaddles or sleepsacks. While both versions help your baby sleep soundly and safely, there are slight differences between the two that you must take note of, to make an informed purchase. A sleepsack is the wearable type of swaddles which actus like a blanket without a risk of it being on the loose. It gives plenty of room for baby to stretch their legs and hips

A traditional swaddle on the other hand, provides a tighter fit for your baby to recreate the environment of the womb. It offers convenience of swaddle and sleepsack. The choice between the different types of swaddles depends on your baby’s stage of development, and safety.

Key Takeaways

We hope that our quick guide on different swaddle types can help you make an informed buy. Remember that just as much as swaddling comforts your baby, there are certain precautions you must take to ensure their safety when swaddled.


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