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As soon as it is wintertime, we all take the blankets and sweaters out of the store room or the boxes they are packed away in, wash them, put them in the sunlight and get ready for enjoying the winter without falling sick. But, when a baby arrives in the family, no matter what season it is, our elders advise us to keep sweaters, blankets, caps, socks and mittens ready for the newborn baby. What is the logic behind doing this?

Do newborn babies need baby blankets or a baby wrap blanket? What if they are born in a warmer county like Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Armenia or any of the middle eastern countries or in the southern part of India? Do kids still need a baby blanket? This article will help you answer this question and understand the importance of baby blankets in different seasons and different temperatures and places. Let’s go!

What Are Baby Blankets?

Let us begin by understanding what are baby blankets. Unlike grown-up blankets, a baby blanket s not always meant to keep the baby warm and save them from cold weather and the winters. Baby blankets can be of different materials, have different thicknesses, and can serve different purposes. Also known as comforters, lightweight baby blankets do not serve the purpose of keeping a baby warm, but they are meant to provide comfort to a newborn baby.

When babies are born, for the first at least 18 months, their bodies are not able to regulate the temperature and thus can catch a cold or have a heat stroke very easily. Thus, keeping them covered and protecting them is extremely important. This is why blankets are vital for newborn babies.

Types Of Baby Blankets

Unlike grown-ups, blankets for babies are not necessarily thick woollen, mink, or acrylic material that protects against cold air. There are several types of baby blankets that serve different purposes.

Swaddling Blankets

Swaddle wraps or swaddling blankets can be used from day 1 after the baby is born. Swaddle is a single sheet, lightweight and preferably made of cotton or mulmul. It is a blanket that is meant to be wrapped around a baby to give them the warmth and comfort that they were used to feeling while inside their mother’s uterus. A swaddle replicates the snug environment of a mother’s womb and thus makes the baby feel secure and sleep better. A swaddle wrap is a square piece of clothing that can be wrapped around the baby in many different techniques and styles depending on what makes your baby comfortable.

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Wrap Blankets

A wrap blanket is similar in its functionality to a swaddle wrap. The only difference is a wrap blanket does not need to be tied around your baby. It has a pocket where your baby can be placed and wrapped like a burrito without any knots or tucks. A wrap blanket gives your baby more leg and hand movement space and freedom. Thus, if your baby is growing out of the infant stage and wants to move the limbs around freely, a wrap blanket is a better choice for them.

Sheet Blankets

A sheet blanket is similar to the blankets that grown-ups would use. Once your baby outgrows the age of swaddles and wraps blankets, once they start to roll over and move in their sleep, they will need a blanket that does not restrict their movement. This is when you introduce them to a sheet blanket. A sheet blanket can be a single sheet, a Dohar Style blanket that has two or more layers of soft and cotton fabric layers stitched together to give extra warmth, or it can be a heavy material blanket such as acrylic, wool or mink etc. Even sheet blankets are perfect for all seasons and all regions, including warmer regions such as UAE, Doha, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman etc.

Importance Of Baby Blankets For Newborn Babies

  • They keep your baby warm and comfortable.
  • They help your baby sleep better and thus also have developmental value and benefits.
  • Babies get attached to the touch, feel and smell of their blankets and find comfort in them when their caregiver is not around or when the baby is sick. Thus, blankets also have sentimental and emotional value for babies.
  • Touching the fuzzy, warm, and soft blanket also helps babies develop a sense of touch.
  • Blankets help babies in regulating their body temperatures better.

Cold Climate vs. Warmer Regions

As we read in the sections above, different types of baby blankets are meant for different seasons and purposes. For e.g., a woolen blanket is more suitable for colder regions such as The USA or Canada to help keep your baby warm, while a cotton or mulmul blanket is more suitable for warmer regions to help your baby feel comfortable and sleep better.


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