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• Importance of Burping a Newborn Baby
• Signs That Your Baby Needs Burping
• Baby Burping Positions & Techniques
• What if Baby Doesn’t Burp and Falls Asleep
• Key Takeaways
• FAQs
• Message From SuperBottoms

Does your tiny tyrant suddenly turn into a fussy mess after feeding? Newborn gas is a real struggle, both for them and for you! Those little gurgles may sound adorable, but trapped air in a baby's tummy can cause significant discomfort and lead to a symphony of cries. But fear not, weary parent! Here is the secret weapon in your arsenal: BURPING. This simple technique can be a game-changer, helping your baby expel swallowed air and achieve a happy, gurgle-free tummy. In this article by SuperBottoms, we will explore why burping is so important, the tell-tale signs your baby needs a break, and, most importantly, we will teach you several burping techniques that are sure to banish those baby burps and bring back the smiles. So, Read On!

Importance of Burping a Newborn Baby

Before we get into details like how to burp a baby or techniques to burp a newborn, let us first understand why newborns require burping.

1. Happy Tummy, Happy Baby: Burping helps release swallowed air that can cause gas and discomfort, leading to a happier and more content baby.

2. Say Goodbye to Fussiness: Gas and colic pain can be major sources of fussiness in newborns. Burping helps prevent this discomfort and keeps your little one calm.

3. Improved Feeding: When babies have gas, they may not want to eat as much. Regular burping sessions can allow for better feeding and ensure your baby gets the necessary nutrients.

4. Reduced Spit-up: Trapped air can contribute to spit-up in newborns. Burping helps release this air and minimize the chances of a messy situation.

5. Peaceful Nights: Gas pain can disrupt your baby's sleep. By burping regularly, you can help them sleep soundly through the night, leading to a more well-rested you too!

Important Note - While attempting to get your baby to burp, make sure that your baby is wearing extremely comfy everyday wear clothes that are super safe and snug on the baby while burping.

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Signs That Your Baby Needs Burping

Now that we know how to burp a baby let us look at this table that summarises the reasons and signs that your baby needs burping.

Sr. No.





Baby becomes cranky and cries after feeding.


Arched Back

Baby arches their back away from you while feeding or after being laid down.


Pulling Away

Baby pulls away from the breast or bottle during feeding.


Grunting or Straining

Baby makes grunting noises or seems to be straining during feeding.


Sticking Out Tongue

Baby sticks their tongue out repeatedly.



Baby hiccups frequently, especially after feeding.



You hear gurgling noises coming from your baby's tummy. 

Important Note - When burping your baby, make sure you have been using baby burp cloths as a vital baby essential because they protect your baby's clothes from spilt milk when they are burped. SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bib can be your ideal choice while selecting the right one. This apron-style bib is super comfortable to be worn around your baby's shoulder and not around the neck to ensure there is no strain or discomfort around your baby's neck. The breadcrumb catcher pocket also ensures mess-free self-feeding sessions by providing full coverage.

Baby Burping Positions & Techniques

There is not a "one size fits all" method for baby burping positions for a newborn. Nonetheless, the following will assist you with infant burping postures/baby burping positions. It will also help you comprehend how to burp a sleeping baby if you need some newborn burping tactics and suggestions.

1. Over your shoulder: If you are wondering how to burp a sleeping infant, this is your most comfortable and natural posture. First, firmly lay your arm under your baby's rear and place their help on your shoulder. Next, use your other hand to gently massage and touch your baby's back until they burp.

2. Sitting on your lap - Place your infant on your lap with their head tilted forward to ease some of the strain on their abdomen. To assist them, burp, softly massage and stroke the back with one hand while supporting the chest with the other.

3. Face down on your lap - Place your infant face down on your lap, covering their chin with one hand. To release the burp, softly pat, massage the back, and keep the head slightly up and sideways.

4. Walking: For somewhat older kids with head control who do not nod off while feeding, this is a more comfortable posture. As you walk, press your hand firmly on your baby's abdomen and have them sit on your arm with their back to you and looking outward. The trapped air will be helped to escape by the walking motions.

The method you choose most often will depend on what helps your baby burp easier and more comfortably.

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What if Baby Doesn’t Burp and Falls Asleep

Here are a few things you might consider if your baby doesn’t burp and falls asleep.

• Try Briefly Before Putting Down: It is okay to spend a minute or two trying to burp your baby while they are drowsy. A gentle pat or rub on the back can encourage a burp.

• Do not Force It: If they do not burp after a short attempt, forcing it might wake them fully. Let them sleep on their back in a safe sleep environment.

• Observe for Discomfort: Some babies do not swallow much air and might not need frequent burping. However, if your baby wakes up fussy with gas pains later, that is a sign they might need burping next time.

• Adjust Feeding Technique: Consider burping halfway through a feeding, not just at the end. This can help prevent them from swallowing too much air in the first place.

• Experiment Next Time: Try different burping positions like over-the-shoulder or sitting upright during the next feeding to see what works best for your baby.

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Key Takeaways

1. Reduces Colic discomfort & pain: Burping can lessen the likelihood of gas and colic discomfort by assisting newborns in releasing the trapped air they ingested during feeding time.

2. No One Solution Fits All: When burping a newborn, no "one solution fits all" method works.

3. No Particular Age: There is no age at which you should cease burping your infant.


Q1 – How often should I burp my baby?

Ans - For bottle-feeding, aim to burp your baby every 2-3 ounces (60-90 ml), and for breastfeeding, burp them after switching breasts. Also, refer to the section about “Signs that your baby needs burping” in the article.

Q2 – At what age can I stop burping my baby?

Ans – To answer the question of when to stop burping a baby, by the age of 4 – 6 months, the baby's digestive system will mature & they will start sitting often; thus, the need for burping will reduce.

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