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Why Is Baby Poop Green?
Home Remedies For Green Poop In Babies
How To Stop Green Poop In Babies?
When To Consult A Doctor
Key Takeaways

Typically, an infant's poop is yellow or mustard yellow. But sometimes, you might notice different variations in the colour of the poop. It might indicate a health concern if you ever see green baby poop or anything unusual in your baby's cloth diaper, consistency, or texture. Although, an occasional green poop in infants is normal and nothing to be worried about. But if this continues for more than a few poops, it might indicate the need to visit your baby's paediatrician. This article will discuss why is baby poop green, how to stop green poop in babies and home remedies to stop green baby poop:-

Why Is Baby Poop Green?

1 • Baby green poop can result from an imbalance in milk intake, iron supplements, diarrhoea, stomach infection, pancreatitis, or metabolism disorder. Foremilk-hindmilk imbalance, iron-fortified formula, and mild diarrhoea are common and usually not concerning. However, persistent baby green poop with symptoms like fever, vomiting, or decreased activity warrants medical attention. Regular monitoring and consulting with a paediatrician can ensure proper diagnosis and management, reassuring parents about their baby's health.

2 • If your baby has an irritable bowel that has resulted in mild diarrhoea, the mucus present in the poop can also cause green colour. In situations where your baby is pooping frequently, you might want to keep a few extra baby SuperBottoms DryFeel Langot handy for frequent nappy changes, as langot are quicker to dry for a more frequent laundry cycle.

3 • Bacterial contamination from the bottle, clothing, toys etc can cause stomach infections and green poop in infants. Other symptoms such as gas, sluggishness, the baby's reduced activity level, or even fever will occur in this scenario. To avoid such situations, always ensure that all of your baby care items such as Dry Feel Nursing Pads, bottles, and Newborn UNO Cloth Diapers, are thoroughly washed and cleaned before use.

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Home Remedies For Green Poop In Babies:

While green poop in babies is often harmless, if caused by factors like foremilk-hindmilk imbalance or dietary changes, these home remedies for green poop in babies may help normalise it:

1. Adjust feeding: Ensure baby feeds for at least 20 minutes per breast to balance foremilk and hindmilk.

2. Probiotics: Incorporate probiotic-rich foods or supplements to support gut health.

3. Hydration: Ensure baby stays well-hydrated to prevent dehydration-related issues.

4. Dietary changes: If formula-fed, switch to a different formula type or brand after consulting a paediatrician.

5. Massage: Gentle tummy massage can alleviate discomfort and aid digestion.
Monitor closely: Keep track of the baby's green poop patterns and consult a doctor if concerns persist or worsen.

Always consult a paediatrician before trying any home remedies to ensure they're appropriate for your baby's specific situation.

How To Stop Green Poop In Babies?

Prevention is always better than curing a disease. To effectively address green colour poop in infants, it's essential to understand the potential causes and implement preventive measures accordingly. While you may not have direct control over the colour of your baby's poop, you can take steps to minimise the likelihood of green stools by focusing on overall hygiene and infection prevention.

1. Thorough Bottle Cleaning: If your baby consumes expressed milk or formula milk from bottles, it's crucial to ensure the bottles are cleaned and sterilised correctly before each feeding. Residual milk left in bottles can harbour bacteria, leading to stomach infections and potentially causing green poop. Use hot, soapy water to clean bottles, followed by sterilisation through boiling or using a steriliser.

2. Hand Hygiene: Babies naturally explore their surroundings by putting their hands or thumbs in their mouths. Regularly cleaning your baby's hands with mild soap and water can help minimise the risk of introducing harmful bacteria into their system, which could contribute to infections and green poop.

3. Clean Clothing and Accessories: Pay attention to the cleanliness of your baby's clothing, SuperBottoms Waterproof Cloth Bibs, blankets, and other accessories. These items often come into contact with your baby's skin and mouth, making them potential sources of infection if not kept clean. Regularly washing and changing these items can help reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and subsequent green poop.

4. Preventing Skin Irritation: Stomach infections in babies can sometimes lead to skin rashes, particularly in the diaper area. Ensure that your baby's skin is kept clean and dry to avoid irritation and potential complications. Regularly change diapers and clean the area with mild wipes or warm water during diaper changes. Consider using reusable cloth diapers, which can be gentler on delicate skin and reduce the risk of irritation compared to disposable diapers.

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By focusing on these preventive measures and maintaining good hygiene practices, you can help minimise the risk of green poop in infants caused by infections or bacterial contamination. If you notice persistent green colour poop in infants or any concerning symptoms in your baby, it's essential to consult with a paediatrician for proper evaluation and guidance.

When To Consult A Doctor:

If your infant has newborn green poop, it's usually not a cause for concern. However, consult a doctor if your baby has fewer wet diapers, feeds less often, shows signs of dehydration, has blood in their poop, has a fever over 100 degrees, or has diarrhoea lasting more than two days. Trust your instincts and seek medical advice if you notice any distressing symptoms.

Key Takeaways:

1. Observing variations in newborn green poop colour, including green, is often within the range of normal for babies and is not necessarily a cause for alarm. However, it's essential to monitor other symptoms or changes in behaviour.

2. Maintaining a clean environment and hygiene practices is crucial for preventing infections, as babies frequently explore by putting their hands or thumbs in their mouths. It is advisable to regularly clean items that come into contact with the baby's mouth.

3. If you notice green colour poop in infants, especially if accompanied by persistent or concerning symptoms, consulting a paediatrician is recommended. Seeking professional guidance ensures proper evaluation and appropriate management to address any underlying issues effectively. Prompt attention to health concerns promotes the baby's well-being and offers peace of mind to caregivers.


Q1. Why is baby poop green?

Ans. Green poop in babies can be caused by various factors such as an imbalance in milk intake (foremilk-hindmilk imbalance), iron supplements, dietary changes, mild diarrhoea, stomach infections, pancreatitis, or metabolism disorders.

Q2. Is green poop in babies a cause for concern?

Ans. In many cases, newborn green poop is not a cause for concern, especially if it is occasional and not accompanied by other symptoms. However, persistent green poop with accompanying symptoms like fever, vomiting, or decreased activity may warrant medical attention.

Q3. How can I help my baby if they have green poop?

Ans. You can help your baby by ensuring proper feeding practices to balance foremilk and hindmilk, incorporating probiotics to support gut health, maintaining hydration, and monitoring their poop patterns closely.

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