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Homemade Multi-Grain Baby Recipe


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Contributed by Suchitra Shetty from SuperBottoms Family community of parents. 

Before we share the complete baby recipe, let’s read what she has to say about coming upon this recipe -

“I was always given ready-made cereals as a child because my mother was a working mom. She never had the opportunity to create something herself and feed it to me. 

So I decided to introduce something more delicious and more nutritious for my munchkin.  

When Adhrit, my 5-year-old little boy, had turned 6 months old, it was time to introduce him to solids. So I started with mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green peas, carrots, dal, Khichdi, etc., but my baby always disliked it all & it was difficult to feed him even a single spoon.  

Then I became concerned about this because after 6 months breastfeeding alone is not sufficient for a baby. They should start getting nutrients from other sources as well. 

So I decided to give him some healthy cereals that weren't store-bought.

Initially, I made a small batch of these multigrain cereals and fed it to my kiddo. He enjoyed it in ways I could never have imagined, and it was a huge success.  

From then on, I started preparing it in large quantities and stored it in the refrigerator. I used to prepare enough to last me for two to three months.  

He was fed only this until he was two years old. Then, after completing 2 years, he was introduced to rice and other foods. But still, he got to taste everything we eat in the form of porridge.  

Do try out this baby recipe with a small quantity and an equal proportion of measurements.”

INGREDIENTS (You can choose ingredients as per the availability & your preference)

2 cups Raw Rice

2 cups Brown Rice 

1 cup Toor Dal 

1 cup Masoor Dal 

1 cup Chana Dal 

1/2 cup Kabuli Chana 

1/2 cup Brown Chana 

1/2 cup Soyabean 

1/2 cup Kashmiri Beans 

1 cup Green Moong Dal 

1 cup Yellow Moong Dal 

1 cup Jowar 

1 cup Whole Wheat 

1 cup Raagi 

1 cup Proso Millet 

1 cup Barnyard Millet 

1 cup Foxtail Millet 

1 cup Kodo Millet 

2 cups Fresh Almonds 

2 cups Cashewnuts 

2 cups Walnuts 

2 cups Pistachios 

2 cups Groundnut 

100gms Jeera 

Small cup Black Pepper (50 seeds approx)  

One whole Nutmeg 


  • ▪ Wash Raw Rice, Brown Rice, Masoor Dal, Moong Dal, Toor Dal separately, soak for 3-4 hours, and sun-dry until all the moisture is gone and completely dry. 
  • ▪ Wash and soak Soya Beans, Rajma, Kabuli Chana, Brown Chana, Kashmiri Beans, Green Moong Dal overnight, drain the water, and sun-dry. 
  • ▪ Soak Almonds and peel off its brown cover and sun-dry them until it's crisp. 
  • ▪ Wash Whole Wheat, Raagi, Proso, Barnyard, Foxtail, Kodo Millets, dry all the millets. No need to soak these separately. 

Note: Cashews, Pistas, and Walnuts need not be soaked and dried. (Directly fry each in a spoonful of ghee separately)


  • ▪ Take 2 spoons of porridge powder that you prepared above and mix it with the required quantity of milk (start with half a glass first) to remove lumps and add 1 spoon of organic jaggery powder.  
  •  ▪ Add the remaining half glass of milk to the above mixture and mix well.  
  • ▪  Once done, heat the mixture until it thickens. Then cool it completely and feed it to your little one.  

NOTE - This is a nutritious and healthy recipe that can be used as a porridge or milkshake by everyone, not just children. 


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