SuperBottoms: 11 Best Baby Care Tips for New Moms
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The arrival of a newborn baby marks special joy in your life and opens a delightful world for you. But with pleasure come many responsibilities. If you are becoming a mother for the first time, you need many things to care for your baby's good health. Don't worry, relax, and follow our baby care tips for new moms written in this article for the initial phase of your parenting journey and gradually become a pro in parenting.

List of baby care tips for new moms

Here we have jotted down all the essential things of baby care tips for new moms. Make sure you follow all the suggestions.

1. Ensure Self-Hygiene: To avoid your baby from any infection, make sure you always wash your hands or sanitize your hands first before picking up the baby and wear clean clothes. This is not only for you; anyone who is picking up the baby must need to wash their hands first. It is one of the essential baby care tips for new moms.

2. Hold your baby right: While holding your baby, the head should rest on the curve of your arm, and your hand supports the baby's spine. Use your other hand to feed the baby, or you can pat your baby's cheeks. You can keep your baby over your chest and hold the tummy gently. You as a mother need to focus on this baby care tip because holding the newborn baby looks easy but for some people, it isn't easy.

3. Don't shake your baby vigorously: Do you know that shaking a newborn baby can lead to brain injury? Whether you are trying to sleep the baby or just comforting the baby, it will not help you. Instead, you can do one thing: just hold the baby gently and try to sing a lullaby.

4. Don't be Rough: Your baby is not ready for challenging play, so throwing a baby in the air and jiggling the baby on your knees is not advisable.

5. Give skin-to-skin contact: Your baby has spent a lot of time in your womb, and now your baby needs to sink in with the experience of transitioning from your womb to the world.

To make this process easier, give your baby enough skin-to-skin contact. It will help the baby to feel your warmth and the baby will remain closer to your heart too. In your womb, the only thing the baby heard was your heartbeat, and keeping the baby close to your heart will make the baby feel secure and relax the senses. This baby care tip for new moms will help you to relax your baby.

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6. Talk to your baby often: Talking to your baby has lots of hidden benefits. This baby care tip helps the baby's brain develop and pick up the words faster. It also makes your bond better with the baby.

7. Baby'sDiaper care tips for a new mom: Before bringing your baby home, you must first decide whether you will use disposable diapers or cloth diapers. You should know that your baby will dirty the diapers around 10 times a day.

Remember, after each bowel, lay your baby on their back and remove the dirty diaper. Use water or wipes to clean the genital area of the baby. But the problem of rashes is seen in the baby using diapers. To prevent this, apply the ointment.

Diaper rash is a common problem. The rashes are ready, and it makes the baby feel uncomfortable. It will create an itching problem. The baby's skin is sensitive, and because of the wet or poopy diaper, it becomes irritated. To solve this problem, you can look at a baby cloth diaper that is waterproof and remains dry from the inside after getting wet. It should be washable and reusable so that you don't have to store many of them.

The diaper must be chemical-free, and to sleep the baby comfortably at night, it should last 12 hrs. If the diaper has a waist button, it is the best to buy because you won't have to rebuy diapers as the baby grows.

If you don't know a diaper with all these mentioned properties, then don't worry because we have searched for some constituting all these properties to ease your problem. You can buy this India's No. 1 cloth diaper. This diaper is washable and reusable up to 300+ times, it has a waist button, is eco-friendly, it has a super-free dry layer which provides stay dry comfort to the baby and prevents the baby from rashes.

This baby care tip will give your baby a rash-free bum(1).

8. Bathe your baby right: You need to give your baby a sponge bath until the umbilical cord falls off and the navel is healed completely. It will take around 1-4 weeks. Be careful while bathing your baby. In this list of baby care tips for new mom this one needs to be done more carefully.

9. Sleeping care: You will be surprised to know that for the excellent development of your baby, the baby needs around 16 hours or more of sleep in a day. If you also lack sleep shortly, this baby tip is specially written for that time.

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The newborn baby sleeps for 2 hours. Many doctors advise mothers against sleeping with the baby to avoid SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome. But still, if you want to sleep with your baby, give your baby enough space to sleep and turn around the bed.

10. Keep toys away from the cots: Keep all the toys, pillows, and soft toys away from your baby's sleeping area because if the fur of the soft toys is breathed by the baby, then it can lead to respiratory problems or allergies.

11. Reach out to the doctor when in need: Diseases like vomiting, fever, and diarrhoea can affect your baby anytime. Do not try to self-medicate. Visit the doctor twice the same week. Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to baby care.

Conclusion of Baby Care Tips for New Mom

Well, if you are a mother and reading this, then you are the lucky one blessed by the baby, and taking care of the newborn must be your prior task, and at the same time, you as a new mother need to take care of yourself.

For taking care of a baby, we have provided numerous tips, and in this article on baby care tips for new moms, 11 points are written. Read all of them and remember them because these 11 points will help you shortly.

Key Takeaways

1. Relax: Beginning with parenthood, the journey is both enjoyable and full of responsibility. But throughout the process, keep your cool and follow the above-given steps carefully.
2. Self Hygiene is a Must: Be sure to constantly wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before picking up the baby to prevent infection, and wear clean clothes.
3. Consult a Doctor when Needed: Make sure you get professional help as diseases like vomiting, fever, and diarrhea can harm your infant at any time.


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