Recrafted Goodies are cute tiny products designed by SuperBottoms from the leftover fabric after cutting out your favourite sustainable baby essentials. They are QC Tested and 100% Safe for you, your baby and the Planet!

By choosing upcycled products, you contribute to environmental sustainability by giving a new life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.
These Recrafted Goodies are a creative and eco-friendly alternative to conventional products.

Making these Recrafted Goodies requires more effort than creating them from scratch. It's a process of sorting, identifying the good leftover fabric, cleaning it, and carefully assembling everything together. Every piece is a labor of love as it is intricately handmade and QC tested at multiple levels.

Yes, absolutely! Recrafted Goodies by SuperBottoms undergo rigorous safety testing to ensure they meet the highest standards. These are made from 100% love and 0% Compromise making them absolutely safe for your little one and the Planet!

Making Recrafted Goodies is a true work of art that requires dedicated effort. It involves transforming discarded materials into something beautiful and functional. The process of upcycling requires creativity, skill, and the ability to see the hidden potential in what others may consider waste. We take pride in the craftsmanship and the effort put into creating these unique and sustainable treasures.