It is a combination of Padded Underwear and Cotton Pajamas stitched together. So you get the goodness of 2 products in 1!

It caters to the same age range of kids as Padded Underwear which is 9 months to 4 years. But for the correct sizing, please refer to the waist size chart.

Diaper Pants along with the 3 layers of padding inside are made of 100% Cotton.

Are the entire pants padded, dry feel, and semi-waterproof? 

No, only the stitched in underwear is padded, which has a Super DryFeel Layer inside, and a semi-waterproof outer layer. 


Is the underwear detachable? 

No, it is not detachable. It is stitched together with the pants. 


For which age group are Diaper Pants ideal? 

It perfectly fits babies from 9 months to 4-year-old kids.