Disposable sanitary pads and tampons are made using plastic and other synthetic fibres which may not be healthy for your body. Flow Lock Cloth Pads are composed of natural fabrics ({fabric}) that are completely safe, healthy and stress-free for your body and the environment.

Flow Lock Cloth Pads last for 7-8 hours. Designed to get 2x more absorption vs ordinary cloth pads, with a super secure leak lock for absolutely ZERO leaks.

Yes, they are totally safe on the skin! Forget skin irritation and infections. Flow Lock Cloth Pads are soft, comfortable, rash-free and naturally antibacterial.

1. How do I clean Cloth Pads?

After use, rinse your Cloth Pads under running water to remove the menstrual blood. Soak in detergent water for 10-12 minutes and gently wash. Line dry in the sun or a ventilated area. Ready to reuse for several upcoming periods!

2. How to use Cloth Pads when I am out?

You can easily carry your used Cloth Pad in SuperBottoms Waterproof Travel Bag - it’s odour proof and leakproof. If possible, rinse out the used Cloth Pad to drain out the blood before storing it.