If you are washing yours or your baby’s clothes in hard water, it is advised to use a water softener along with SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets to prolong the life of your clothes.

Yes! These sheets consume very little space, which makes them ideal for travelling. Just ensure that you carry them in a zip-lock bag / an air-tight container to avoid contact with moisture.

Our sheets are bleach free! So they work great on coloured clothes & are very efficient at retaining the colour on clothes.

Can they leave residue on clothes & cause allergies on the baby’s skin? 
SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets dissolve completely in water – almost like magic – and leave no residue. Thus, the clothes and cloth diapers washed with it will not cause any irritation or allergy to your precious baby’s skin.

Are these laundry sheets safe for cloth diapers? 
Absolutely! SuperBottoms Super Laundry Sheets contain Zero toxins, are completely dissolvable, leave no residue and thus are ideal for cloth diapers.