Freesize UNO can be used at all times of the day
We recommend to use it in the below combination:
- Day time: Dry Feel Magic pad alone
- Night time: Dry Feel Magic Pad + Booster Pad
- Swim time: Use the waterproof outer alone without any Pads!
* If your baby is a heavy wetter, we recommend using a booster pad during the day time as well

Freesize UNO lasts about 10-12 hrs for most average to heavy wetting babies when used along with the booster pad. However, if your baby is a very heavy wetter, you can add a Very Heavy Wetter Booster Pad for extra absorption. We suggest you reach out to us on our helpline if you feel that the diaper is not lasting all night for your baby. We can consult you personally on customizing the absorbency of your diaper.

We’d love you to try our Freesize UNO as part of our Use & Return policy for 30 days & fall head over heels with it. If by chance, your baby doesn’t love the Freesize UNO, you can return it within 30 days from the date of delivery of the product and get your full money back!
Refer to the Use & Return policy here.

Yes, our pads are compatible with both the UNO versions and you can certainly use them. However our UNO (Old version) pads are a tad longer , hence you will need to fold them to use them with UNO- New version.