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The arrival of a baby is going to change your life in ways you never imagined. But you can make it a pleasant and manageable situation if you are prepared for it. Even though each and every aspect of your life will be changed, and though at times things are going to be unpredictable and out of control, there are few things you can plan and keep ready to avoid anxiety later on. One of those things is your home.

You will be spending substantially more time in your house than you would anywhere else in the initial few months after your baby’s arrival. Thus planning for and arranging your house to make it baby friendly can be one of the biggest favors you could do to yourself and for your baby’s safety. Here are some very important things that you can plan beforehand to make you transition into parenthood a little easier.

1. Plan your sleeping arrangements.

Do your research and decide if you want to co-sleep or if the baby will sleep in a crib. If you plan to co-sleep, make sure your bed is big enough for three (or more if you are expecting multiples) Buy some waterproof bed protectors and many additional bed sheets.

If your baby will sleep in a crib, then buy the suitable crib as per your needs, mattress and mattress protectors. In both cases, stock up on some super soft Swaddles and sleep appropriate night time clothing for your baby in advance. 

2. Reimagine and rearrange your kitchen

You will need to eat healthy while you feed and take care of the baby. But you will hardly have time to cook. So, plan and prepare for one-pot meal or easy and quick meal. See if your kitchen has what’s needed for this. Get rid of or store carefully the fancy equipment and delicate cutlery that you rarely use. Instead keep all the easy to maintain utensils handy. Make sure you have sufficient plates and spoons for days when you don't get time to wash those dishes.

3. Check the house for baby proofing requirement

You won't get time to baby proof the house after the baby comes. You will also not be warned when the baby decides to start taking his/her first step. So, get the basic baby-proofing done in advance. Secure those stairs with baby gates, close those easily accessible plug holes, tube those edges on the table, move the coffee table if required.

 4. Plan your laundry space

Laundry is going to be a big part of your day, no matter what diapering method you choose. Cloth diapers will need their own space, and the diaper free time will add up even more clothes for you to wash. So, get the things you need ready, like a good washing machine, suitable detergents, hampers/ wet bags to store dirty clothes and used diapers, clips and hangers and drying racks to dry the washed laundry.

 5. Set up baby room / space with nursery supplies

First few months, your life will be a whirlwind of feeding sessions and diaper changes. Look out for a space in your house that you think will be the best spot to create a diaper changing station. Choose a spot that is easily accessible. Stock up on all diaper changing accessories and keep it ready.

These might look like small things but having these things in place will save a lot of time once the baby arrives. Get prepping for the exciting days ahead. 

Happy Pregnancy To You! 


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