Pregnancy Tips for First-time Moms


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First-time moms spend hours online researching ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Although the news of being pregnant brings much joy, it also leads to stress for first-time mothers. The anxiety stems from the fear of the unknown and not knowing about pregnancy's dos and don'ts. But what if we tell you to let these fears take the backseat and feel grateful for this blessing? Well, it's because we have got your worries covered! This article has compiled a list of pregnancy tips for first-time Indian moms.

7 Pregnancy Tips for First-Time Moms

It is normal to be extra cautious about everything during pregnancy. The slightest changes in your body can make you feel anxious. Hence, it is essential to be prepared with all the baby essentials like baby cloth diapers, swaddle wrap, dry feel nursing pads, etc, and learn the necessary precautions to take before and during pregnancy, from making regular doctor visits, eating nutritious superfoods, and preparing your house before the baby’s arrival. There is already a lot on your platter! So to make things easier for you, we have compiled a bunch of pregnancy tips for first-time Indian moms to follow-

1. Avoid Caffeine -

As per research studies drinking even small amounts of caffeine has resulted in a 13% increase in low birth weight for newborns. In addition, consuming caffeine during pregnancy has significant health risks, as it gets digested much slower (1). Moreover, the caffeine goes through the placenta into your baby’s bloodstream. This means the side effects of caffeine, such as racing heart rate, high blood pressure, and a stimulated nervous system, can affect you and your baby.

2. Regularly Exercise -

Staying active and fit is one of the best pregnancy tips for first-time moms. Your body is undergoing several changes, and so is your mind. To combat these changes and mood swings, regular exercise can be of much help. You can do pregnancy-safe exercises at home, which help to ease back pain, increase circulation, and elevate your mood. We recommend you do prenatal yoga, which helps open your hips, relieve stress, and reduce restlessness. But avoid doing heavy-lifting exercises.

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3. Drink Plenty of Water -

One of the helpful pregnancy tips for first-time moms is to drink plenty of water. No, it is not to elevate your pregnancy glow! First-time moms require more water as it becomes part of the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Low amniotic juice can increase the chances of miscarriage, congenital disabilities, or complications in labor. Also, during pregnancy, you can get dehydrated fast. So, it is recommended that you drink at least 10 cups of water each day.

4. Take Naps -

Fatigue is one of the typical pregnancy symptoms, especially during the first trimester. Your body is going through several hormonal changes which affect your energy levels. So, take time out of your day to catch up on sleep and let your body relax. Getting the right amount of sleep is essential.

5. Get Yourself a Prenatal Massage -

Before your delivery date, schedule an appointment for a professional prenatal massage. The massage helps to treat lower back pain, increases circulation, and removes inflammation that causes swelling. However, avoid doing a massage during the first trimester of pregnancy.

6. Take Prenatal Vitamins -

It is important to take prenatal vitamins right from when you are trying to conceive. This is because your baby’s neural tube, which turns into the brain and spinal cord, develops during the first month of the pregnancy. Hence taking essential nutrients like folic acid, calcium, and iron from the very start can be helpful in the development process.

7. Make a Birth Plan -

Create a birth plan after researching the various options available online. DO take any advice from friends and family before finalizing the possibilities. Your birth plan can include the following things -

1. Who do you want to be present on labor day
2. Any procedures you want to avoid
3. Positions you prefer for labor and delivery
4. Any specific clothing you'd like to wear
5. Whether you need any pain medications
6. Plan B ins case any complications arise
7. Post Pregnancy Essentials like Nursing Pads, Stole style nursing covers, etc.


1. The Supplements – If you are deficient in any particular mineral or Vitamin, and your doctor has asked you to take supplements, do not avoid them and take them on time.

2. The Food – Eat healthily and with a balanced meal to ensure effortless breastfeeding and recovery from childbirth.

3. The Drink – Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and sugary drinks.


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