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No matter what corner of the world we are in, our lives revolve around & depend heavily on the internet.

  • 1. Sharing life in pictures and videos - with friends, family, and loved ones!
  • 2. Convenience! Delivered right to your doorstep. From baby essentials to groceries. From Banking services to booking home spas.
  • 3. Buying - Upcycled toys, furniture, and books!
  • 4. Virtual living with everything on video calls! From work to weddings. Classes to reunion parties.

Are any of these simple life activities even imaginable without the internet?! And the instant happiness is unmatched! Sharing these special moments of joys, milestones, and small wins - especially when it comes to our little ones’ life updates is an unparalleled joy!

But sharing the pictures and details like names, school names, vacation destinations, etc.; when it comes to our kids, it also puts them at a greater risk. There are unsafe online games that can be very alluring to a curious kid. Online predators of every type and anti-social elements are in abundance. And it is very easy to fall victim to these traps. Especially when kids are major consumers of the internet, it becomes all the more tricky to keep them safe.


  • - When your kids start using the internet, have an open dialogue with them and talk to them about the things that can potentially happen over the internet and how they can keep their identity safe.
  • - As a parent, it is always advised to be vigilant. Keep the devices your kids use in a place where you can see them while they are using said devices. Also, up to a certain age, do not allow personal gadgets that you do not have access to.
  • - Bless technology for all the good that it does. Most devices come with parental controls to help regulate & monitor the kind of content your children can consume. Put those control settings to their intended use and restrict search terms, age-inappropriate content, etc.
  • - If your kids are on social media sites or on websites where they can make online friends, make sure you speak to them about safety while interacting with strangers over the internet. Moreover, ask your kids about their online friends, and know who they are talking to over the internet.
  • - Turn the location and GPS services off on the gadgets your kids use and ask them not to share their location details over any site that asks for the location or over social media websites.

It’s not just for tiny humans. Adults too, use the internet extensively. And if the frequency of internet frauds and scams is anything to go by, then one is bound to stop and think about the safety of our own browsing experience all day every day!

At times, even the most educated and smartest of us fall prey to cybercrime and internet fraud. But, there are ways to ensure maximum safety. Whether you are sharing personal details or doing online transactions.

Here are some additional tips to keep yourself and your identity safe on the internet –


  • 1. DO NOT click on links or visit websites that are unknown and not trustworthy.
  • 2. Keep your security and operating system software original and up to date. This might be a little expensive but is cheaper than losing your data, identity, or money over the internet.
  • 3. Keep two-factor authentication on for all websites and social media sites where you share your pictures, whereabouts, or identity details.
  • 4. Use a strong password for net banking, e-mail, and payment gateways.
  • 5. Be careful about what you download. For example, do not download files or software from unknown or unreliable websites.
  • 6. If you want to make an online purchase, use only safe, secure, and known e-commerce sites. Do NOT fall for catfishing websites.
  • 7. Posting pictures on social media of where we are and what we are doing is a different kind of happiness. But be mindful of not sharing your identity details like cards or identification numbers.
  • 8. Whether it be online communities, dating sites, or online pre-loved product buying and selling over the internet, follow safe practices about who and where you meet someone you know only online. Choose a neutral and public place to meet someone from the internet.

Are there any more such tips that you would want to share with the SuperBottoms tribe of parents to keep them safe from mishaps and frauds on the internet? Share in the comments, and we will add those to this article.

Key Takeaways

1. Stay Vigilant: Keep the devices your children use in a location where you can see them while they are using them.
2. Don’t Click: Do not click on links or visit unknown and untrusted websites
3. Interact with Kids: If your children use social media or websites where they can make online friends, make sure you talk to them about internet safety when interacting with strangers.


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