Get a Perfect Cloth Diapering Experience


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Using a cloth diaper is a lovely gesture and the best feeling, not only for the environment but also for your baby and your wallet. And we’re not joking!

Want to make your cloth diapering journey an easier one? Read on for some tips.

  1. Be patient: This is the first and foremost point. Do not expect to master the art overnight. Go slow, take it easy on yourself and enjoy your UNO days. You will miss these days once your baby gets potty trained. The mesmerising beautiful prints are a part of your life only till the baby is diapered. Enjoy this phase.
  2. Buy the right type of cloth diaper: Keep in mind the needs of the baby. For a newborn baby who weighs below 4.5 kgs, make sure to invest in newborn size diapers. Investing in one size diapers too soon may not give you a good first impression about cloth diapering.
  3. Be kind to your cloth diapers: Follow the right wash routine. Wash the diapers regularly. Do not keep them unwashed for more than 2 days. Washing them everyday is highly recommended. For more details on the best wash routine.
  4. Treat the leaks like a pro: If you are new to cloth diapering, and your diapers leak within a short period of time, treat them by getting the right fit.

Follow these tips and we assure you and your baby will enjoy a perfect cloth diapering experience!


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