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Different ways to use your Mulmul Swaddle

Well, who says one can use a baby’s swaddle only for swaddling. When a product is so versatile, so amazing, so soft & cuddle worthy, why use it just as one thing!? Right?

Swaddling a baby is an age-old practice, and parents even today realize the benefits and importance of swaddling a baby for comfort and peaceful sleep. But what to do with those Oh-So-Soft 100% cotton mulmul swaddles once the baby outgrows the swaddling phase? Or even during the swaddling phase, why not further embrace the value of sustainability and use them for multiple other, fun ways! Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep using your SuperBottoms 100% cotton mulmul swaddle. If you think of more, do let us know in the comments. 

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a baby bath towel

Newborn babies have the most delicate skin, and harsh materials like terry cotton can damage the skin tissues & cause irritation to your little one. On the other hand, Mulmul is known to be one of the softest materials to touch a baby’s skin. SuperBottoms’ soft & pure cotton Mulmul Swaddles can also serve the purpose of wrapping your baby after their calming & relaxing bath to work as a bath towel.  Needless to say, your precious little one will love the snuggle of its soft material. 

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a stroller cover

Taking your baby out but worried that the harsh sun would irritate her/his eyes or skin? A blanket or comforter can be too hot to cover your baby outside the house. How about taking out that swaddle of yours from the bag & covering your baby without making her/him feel hot or uncomfortable? And it takes up not even a fistful of space! How cool is that! 

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a light summertime sleeping cover

Our adult grown-up body might be used to sleeping in cold, air-conditioned rooms during summers, but babies need a cover, even if just a light one during summers to protect them from direct cold air. But just like a stroller cover, you do not want the baby to feel too hot and uncomfortable while sleeping. So a light summery mulmul swaddle can work as a perfect sleeping cover for them.  


Swaddle as a light summertime sleeping cover

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a Gift Wrapping Cloth

Wrapping a gift in paper or in a paper bag  is definitely better & more sustainable than wrapping it in a plastic wrap or giving it in a plastic bag. But after a while even that paper bag gets discarded. How about wrapping the gift for a mommy-to-be at her baby shower, or a new mommy and her newborn in a Mulmul swaddle? And the swaddle itself becomes part of the gift!  

Swaddle as a Gift Wrapping Cloth

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a Scarf for mommy or a Belt for your dress

Oh! Why just for the babies? The swaddle works as a perfect accessory for mommies too. Who wouldn’t love a mulmul scarf, belt or waistband? Try it and you’ll be amazed how beautifully the Swaddle transforms into a fashion accessory for you!

Swaddle as a Scarf for mommy or a Belt for your dress

SuperBottoms Swaddle as a bandana or a funky hair accessory

And how about using it as a bandana or hair accessory? Wrap it around the braid, tie your ponytail up in it or make a band out of it around your head. Compliments for your creativity are guaranteed! 

Swaddle as a bandana

Do you have more ideas bubbling up in your head for how these amazing swaddles can be put to use? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

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