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20 Best Baby Gift Ideas For Newborn Girls That Are Trending Now

Every time we hear the news of someone in our family or friend circle expecting a baby, don't we all get so excited! We start planning and looking for fun baby shower ideas; we begin to think of names & cool ways to spoil the child. One more thing that we begin to plan is what to get a gift for the little one. So, if there is a pretty princess who has recently arrived in your family or friend's family, this article will help you with some cute & cool gift ideas. Many of these gifts are unisex, but this article will have some specific suggestions for baby gift ideas for girl children. 

What To Keep In Mind While Picking Gifts For Newborn 

Picking a gift for someone you dearly love could also mean that you might get carried away & get what might look best to the eyes. But before you zero down on the gift, ask yourself the following three questions – 

  • Will the gist be of any practical use for the girl or her parents? Even if parents have them, there are many things that a few extra ones and at times can never have enough of! Cloth diapers, newborn nappies, rattles & toys. These are some great gifts that can be of great use to parents. 

  1. 1. Does it hold an emotional value? A scrapbook, a personalised photo album, personalised quilt, or clothing – some very thoughtful and unique best gift for newborn baby girl that you can give!
  2. 2. Is the gift unique? Think about what usually anyone would get. The popular gift packs of personal care items are something most people would be getting. Look for something that can make your gift stand apart.  

Best Toy Gift Ideas For Newborn Girls

  1. 1. Rattles – An age-old, tried, tested, and one of the best baby gift ideas for girl or boy, you can never go wrong with the rattles. It keeps kids engaged and happy and can be a good distraction when fussy or agitated. 
  2. 2. Musical Toys – The calm and melodic tunes to put them to sleep or the beats to make them happy and learn to groove – musical toys are the best way of keeping kids engaged and calm. They also help develop the sense of hearing and focus in young kids. (1)
  3. 3. Light Projector – The stars, the moons, the animal figures or the moving planets. Light projectors help kids track lights in a dark room and are a fun activity when paired with some music for kids. 
  4. 4. Plush Toys – Cute animals, characters from TV shows or movies, or just objects in the shape of plushies make a perfect and cute gift for kids. 

Best Clothing Baby Gift Ideas For a Girl 

Not among the unique baby gift ideas for girls, but clothing items are something every parent needs from day one. And with the constant burping, throwing up, pooping and peeing, parents can never have enough clothing for their little princesses.   

  1. 1. Newborn Mulmul Jhablas – A newborn baby's skin is very delicate for the first few months, and any harsh or synthetic fabrics can result in rashes or chafing of the skin. So Mulmul Jhablas by SuperBottoms, available in a range of cute and pretty prints, is among the ideal baby gift ideas for girl.  
  2. 2. Cloth Diapers & Cloth Nappies- What better to gift a child or parent than something best for the skin of the little one and the environment! SuperBottoms Newborn UNO and Dry Feel Langots  are made with 100% certified organic cotton, AZO-free dyes, and 16 diapers is all you need for the complete diapering journey of the baby. A gift that would practically save the parents thousands of rupees over the next three years. 
  3. 3. Onesies & Rompers – Yet another thing that parents can't have enough of! Get some cute onesies and rompers, as kids need multiple changes every day. You can also think of matching onesies/rompers and T-shirts for parents. 
  4. 4. Swaddles – A multipurpose piece of clothing that can be used as a swaddle to wrap the baby, as a bath towel, as a stroller cover, a light blanket and even as a fashion accessory for parents, Superbottoms Mulmul Swaddles  is a must-have option for baby gift ideas for girl or newborn boy. 

Best Educational Baby Gift Ideas For Girl

  1. 1. Activity Cube – Six fun and learning activities in one activity cubes from different brands have many options to offer. They are thoughtfully designed to meet the developmental needs of a newborn baby and are a great gift choice. 
  2. 2. Baby Flash Cards – Experts believe that starting early, introducing kids to shapes, colours, patterns, etc., helps their cognitive development and identifies things around them early on. There are many options of jumbo flashcards or laminated cards that babies will not be able to tear off easily. 
  3. 3. Non-Glass Mirror – Looking at themselves in a mirror is fun and a great learning & identification exercise for kids that experts encourage. Mirrors made of acrylic that are safe for kids to use are among the great baby gift ideas for girl. 
  4. 4. Cloth Books – Reading to kids has many benefits, and parents usually start reading to their kids while they are still inside the womb and even when they are just newborn babies. A cloth book is a long-lasting, durable, washable and fun way of introducing books to babies. 

Best Baby Products Gift Ideas For Newborn Girls 

  1. 1. Diaper Bag – One of the best baby gift ideas for girl or boy's new parent is a diaper bag that can accommodate everything parents need to carry while out and about. 
  2. 2. Baby Blanket – A comforter or a blanket made of the best fabric for kids, like SuperBottoms Reversible Baby Blankets , that is generously sized to fit a newborn and an 8-year-old equally well! 
  3. 3. Ergonomic Baby Carrier – A life savior for new parents, an ergonomic baby carrier would allow the parents to be hands-free while still carrying the baby and run errands, go for outings or even soothe a crying baby by keeping them near. 
  4. 4. Cot Mobile – Available in many attractive options from animals to shapes & objects, cot mobiles are a fun way of keeping the baby engaged, curious and happy. 

What Else Can You Get? 

  1. 1. Baby Proofing Items – Gifting items to keep the baby safe once they start crawling is a perfect way of showing that you care. It is better to consult the parents before buying them to ensure they have not already purchased the same baby proofing items themselves. 
  2. 2. DIY Gifts – Gifts like moulding kit for hand and foot shape, a scrapbook to store memories, books with an option to record the story in your voice etc., are also trendy gifts these days. 
  3. 3. Silver Jewellery – One can never go wrong with jewellery when it comes to baby gift ideas for girl. A cute bracelet, anklets, or a silver chain. They make a perfect accessory for photoshoots too. 
  4. 4. Photo Album – A little memorabilia to store all childhood memories for them to look at and hear all the stories after they grow up. 

It is not an easy task picking the best gifts for baby girl. The kiddo cannot see the love and gesture, but their family can. Also, someday when they grow up and look back to pictures and memories, your gift can be a part of those. But, in the end, it is the thought, the love, and the gesture that matters the most. So have fun picking the gift with all the love! 

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